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Dubai as being the central hub to almost all the people from all parts of the world. It has a lot to offer to its foreign tourists from Europe and other western countries. Similarly, we have Circus Parade in Dubai which has all the motions to entertain every one of our spectators from different parts of the world. It is certainly the best show presented in Dubai with satisfaction. Whenever our viewers enter our theatre they are full of higher hopes to have some new act of performance. This is tried in full spirit by our jugglers and our performers to mesmerize them with one of their unique performances never seen before. This feature allows our viewers to come again and again to visit us and to amaze their time with their friends and families. This time is made more and more cheering and best by the beautiful environment in the surrounding.

Multipurpose built hall for amazing performances

We feel honored to have all the latest facilities of a multipurpose built spacious hall by UAE Entertainers. We have a team of expert professionals who are in search of all the new and latest innovations needed to make our performance more and more energetic. They have a very close look and eye on the latest updates that can be added to the list to present the great display of art in front of a very large audience. The best performances performed by our performers are in a huge number but still, the best recommended by our viewers are the following.

Fire Show:

This is known as the act of professionals can’t be performed by everyone. A glimpse of the Fire show in Dubai is performed under the surveillance of well-known experts. So that if any uncertainty can be dealt with quick response. But this is the act of expertise in which one of our performers comes in front of the audience and starts laying the flames of fire in the whole dark cloud of theatre. Starting with any performance with one and then slowly transforming in a group is the introductory act by them. Darkroom theatre with our performers pushes the flaming stick from his hand near to his mouth and then sprinkles some oil towards it. All of this act in darkness no one knows who is even sitting with them let them amaze then again and again when the same act is performed from various spots in the theatre. Then the actual starting of performances starts which from the start becomes energetic. Flaming Fire dance show in Dubai then gets in contact with various other performers when the floodlight glows.

Juggling performance is another delightful moment when they start displaying fire circles around them. You might have experienced many Fire juggling shows in Dubai but not similar to the one which we present in the form of a group or individual. All of these collective performances create an everlasting experience on everyone sitting around which makes it compulsory for all of them to meet us after every certain period.


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