Doom Eternal: How to Defeat the Marauder Boss

Marauder is one of the deadliest and powerful bosses in Doom Eternal. Battle with Marauder Boss is not easy, and that is why in order to defeat him, players need to be fully prepared. In the mythology of Doom’s series, Marauder Boss is one of the most powerful and fierce boss of entire dimension. Marauder is equipped with heavy weapons like rocket launchers and plasma rifles that can easily clear any demon area.

This FPS game is simple to play, but the gameplay is not that easy because it contains full of shooting and vengeance. In the battle, players have to focus on offending and defending. Defeating Marauder Boss will not be an easy task in Doom Eternals, and that is why regaining heath and hit the vital parts are one of the necessary things in the game.

Defeat Marauder Boss in Doom Eternal

Winning over Marauder Boss is not going to be the same as defeating other bosses. Most of the time, players have to play through the procedure of shoot and run even if they use full defense or special ability. Most of the time, players can defeat opponents by just hitting until they are completely dead, but with Marauder Boss, things are different. In order to defeat Marauder Boss, it is totally opposite of shoot and run; in fact, it’s necessary to wait for the right time and hit Marauder with the right shot. Best thing that can be helpful in winning is Super Shotgun and use it on Marauder Boss.

Marauder will use his shield to protect himself from the incoming attacks while making the attacks, and it’s necessary to be close to him. Keeping the distance within a specific space is important but never gets too close to him because Marauder uses ax for attacking. While fighting and spending time on the battlefield, Marauder’s eyes will turn into green, and at times timing shooting him is the best time. Use Super Shotgun to attack perfectly on Marauder because Shotgun has the highest damage rate. Apart from the Shotgun, there is also rocket launcher, but using it at any time is not a good option. The damage and aiming of the rocket are great, but using it in the tough time is the best way. After damaging him enough, Marauder will start to glow, and in that meantime, rushing forward is what players have to do, and the match will over with a kill.

After all these things, Marauder will come back again several times in the game, and next time he will not come alone. In the battle, keep one thing in mind that never keeps standing in one place when battling with Marauder. When Marauder returns in the game, just focus on killing the additional enemies first that come along. To defeat all those additional enemies, use BFG to clear entire additional enemies at once. However, Marauder will deflect most of the attacks. In the list of action games, Doom Eternal is the most amazing action-packed game. Every year several games release, and Doom Eternal is a preferred action game that most of the players love to play.

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