Quibi’s Reboot of Punk’d Will Be Featured in Fortnite

The popular streaming service Quibi is known for providing streaming service that allows users to watch shows in a short time. Recently the service has proclaimed that they are going to feature some of their content through Fortnite. The popular prank TV show of Qubi’s, Punk’d be aired at Fortnite’s theatre. Rapper Chance hosted Punk’d, and in the following Easter Egg, he will be going to host it again. However, this time his CGI will do it on behalf of him.

Although it is an unusual and weird way to promote the show, Fortnite is quite used to it. As it is not the first time that Fortnite is going to feature an Easter Egg. In the post-December, the game has done an Easter Egg for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in an attempt to promote the forthcoming film alongside popular games such as Borderlands has also done Birds of Prey promotion.

Nowadays, Fortnite is in another Marvel event that is known as Deadpool, and gamers across the globe are acclaiming it. Thus, the initiative of Quibi to promote their show through it is outstanding. The drive-in theatre of Fortnite at Risky Reels will be the place where gamers will watch a 10-minute show of Punk’d. The show will be arrived at 5 PM ET, whereas 2 PM PT on Friday, and it will be going to feature later for the next 24 hours.

The TV shows or movies that have been earlier promoted through Fortnite has obtained enormous growth in their business. The streaming service platform Quibi is going along with the trend, thus assign Fortnite to support its popular prank tv show, Punk’d. Although the popularity of Plunk’d is in large numbers, and its fans don’t require any promotion to revisit the show. But the promotion will be going to remind or aware of those who are unaware of the retainment of Plunk’d.

The customers can buy the subscription of Quibi for one month at an affordable price of 5$. The cost of Quibi’s subscription is quite low in comparison to other streaming services. The users of Qubi’s along with Punk’d also watch other popular TV shows and films such as Games of Thrones and the Hunger Games. The users who are new to the service of Quibi can avail of a three-month free trial package that will end up in April.

Quibi is trying way too hard to promote its streaming service, and somehow, it is necessary to compete with established competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. We all need to wait to see what benefits, thus, Fortnite promotion will help Punk’d alongside Quibi.

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