Disney is Remaking 1973 Robin Hood Film with CGI

Disney has converted several classic animated movies into modern time realistic CGI animation be it Mulan, The Lion King, or Aladdin. Now it is remaking its 1973’ Robin Hood which is a classic animated film and now the company has decided to create a live-action remake of it. The remake Robin Hood will be directly available on Disney Plus.

Almost similar to The Lion King, this new version of classic Robin Hood film will “introduce the characters as anthropomorphic, soon into a live-action CGI hybrid movie,” as per reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The film would be a musical as well. Prince John was a thumb-sucking and crown-wearing jewel-encrusted lion, Little John was a black bear, Friar Tuck was a badger, and the Sheriff of Nottingham was a wolf. The old version of the movie notably cast the Sherwood Forest’s noble thief as a fox, though his squad of merry men was shown as other animals.

The film director, Carlos López Estrada, who is known best for directing the Blindspotting 2018 movie, will take the lead as director for the remake project Robin Hood. The movie would be written by Kari Granlund, who is popular for his work in the latest Disney’s remake movie Lady and the Tramp. However, it is not apparent when the project will start.

The remake Robin Hood is not a first Disney Plus exclusive movie to be produced, but it is an indication about how seriously Disney is taking its classic films. There is a film named “Lady and the Tramp” which also turns into a Disney Plus-only movie when the streaming channel released in November 2019.

It is hard to suppose that these Disney Plus exclusive movies will make the same groundbreaking effect in the worldwide box office as the theaters one does. Aladdin & The Lion King both movies exceed 1 billion dollars in the worldwide box office. However, it is not even possible for the streaming exclusives projects like this one. The Disney Plus exclusive movies help service to uplift its worldwide subscribers and earn a plethora of revenue since the charges invested in the theaters also are saved.

The company is already planning a method to restructure films to Disney Plus. The movie Artemis Fowl was initially planned to release in the cinemas, will now release on Disney Plus as an exclusive film of the service. Bob Iger, former CEO & Executive Chairman of the company, explained about the possibility that other movies may also release as Disney Plus exclusives.

Disney just declared that it presently has over 50 million paid subscribers including its release in the UK, Italy, Germany, India, Austria, Spain as well as Switzerland. Even though the streaming company delayed the release in France because of government apprehension that it can produce excess load on bandwidth, they also launched it there as well.

Disney Plus has an exemplary marketing strategy even during the pandemic as they are offering the world premium entertainment content. Following the nationwide lockdown in most counties and social distancing concerns, the majority of people are staying home. People can’t go outside in theaters for watching movies and wish to watch the latest and forthcoming movies in their TVs. Disney Plus has planned to fulfill its customer requirement right at their homes by releasing and planning movies exclusively for its entertainment network.      

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