The kingdom of Asgard is home to the most powerful gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this fictional timeline, the Asgardians are the sworn protectors of the nine realms. At the forefront are Odin (The Allfather), Thor Odinson (God of Thunder), and Loki (God of mischief).

“It is Time to Pass on The Torch”

MCU’s films on Thor have always shown even though Odin is very powerful, he has waited to crown one of his children as the next ruler of Asgard. However, the movie shows Odin favoring Thor as the next ruler.

Addressing Thor as his heir, Odin says that whosoever possesses the power of Mjölnir shall be bestowed with unmatched skill. He further adds that the mighty hammer is a weapon fit for gods and has the potential to destroy or build.

During a scene, the King of Asgard says that he has sacrificed so much to maintain peace in the universe. In addition to this, he adds that the new rulers will also have to give up things to maintain balance with honor and responsibility. At last, he said that these qualities are essential for every King when he takes over the throne.

“You Both Are Unworthy to Rule These Realms”

However, there has always been a debate on how mighty is Odin as compared to Thor and Loki, having ruled the nine realms for millennia. But the way Odin had the strength to banish Thor to earth after almost provoking a war with the Frost Giants or when he imprisoned his first-born Hela (Goddess of death) in hell for trying to disrupt peace in the nine realms, shows why he got the title of The Allfather.

Odin said Thor is not worthy of ruling the nine realms, a king’s title. He further added that the God of Thunder is also unworthy of the support of his loved ones, who he betrayed with his actions. The Allfather swore on his father, Bor before giving the command to banish Thor to Earth.

So, let’s find out if and why the son of Bor, Odin, is the most powerful out of all three of them.

Thor Fails to Match the Power of His Father in Ragnarok

The first instance of Thor’s weakness comes into picture when he fails to beat his sister Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. However, Hela finally meets her demise at the end of the movie by the fire demon Surtur. If we have a look at Odin, he never faced a struggle in any of the wars he fought. The Allfather defeated his daughter Hela and banished her to hell.

The King also managed to defeat the frost giants in Jotunheim and managed to maintain the peace in the universe.

Odin is also mentally powerful and wise because he manages to conceal Loki’s origin a secret for thousands of years.

The God of Mischief is Not so Strong

Meanwhile, Loki is the weakest. The first instance is when Hulk beats the God of Mischief in the first installment of Avengers. The second example can be taken from Thor: The Dark World’s climax. Loki goes on to impersonate himself as Odin and take over the Asgardian throne but in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor catches him during the first few minutes of the film.

Only The Allfather Can Maintain Peace in The Nine Realms

There is no denying that Thor possessed the power of the gods when he wielded Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, and Loki continued to cheat death a couple of times by his tricks. But Odin’s way of battling wars for millennia and maintaining peace in the nine realms while ruling Asgard proves that he is the only God out of the three with enough knowledge and strength in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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