How to Make YouTube Channel Art

Nowadays, most people want to earn money through YouTube and want to achieve fame too. The real happiness is really when you have both money and fame. If you are one of those who want to attract more and more people towards their YouTube channel, you must learn the art of making channel art as it is the first impression that reaches viewers when they visit your channel for the first time. On YouTube, nothing makes you win instead of your way of presentation. If you deserve attention, you will surely get it. But the main question is, what makes you worth paying attention to on YouTube. The answer is your attractive channel art. Here are all the useful tips that may help you create an awesome channel art and turn a visitor to your all-time subscriber.

YouTube channel art

YouTube channel art is just like a profile picture that appears on top of your channel when someone visits your channel. The channel art tells about your content and gives visitors an idea about what type of content the channel creates. If you visit a YouTube channel, look at the top of all videos of the channel, you will find a picture there above all the videos, this picture is what is called channel art. YouTube channel art can be changed according to your preferences. The size of a YouTube channel art is 2048×1152 as YouTube doesn’t accept any other size except it.

How to create a perfect channel art

Creating a perfect channel art banner is not an uphill task. All you need is a good photo editor that lets you professionally edit pictures of all kinds. To get the exact size of YouTube channel art, you can use the Photo & Picture Resizer app that helps you get the image of the desired size. If you want to add effects and attractive colors to your channel art, you can take advantage of Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark works best when it comes to designing an attractive channel art. Before you create a channel art, you should keep in mind all the factors that play a role in designing. If you don’t have any ideas about how to create good channel art, you can visit some popular YouTube channels and see how these channel arts look. Don’t try to copy them but believe in creating something of your own. From designing, resizing to editing an amazing channel art, you can do all this in Adobe Spark. This is a great software that will prove useful to you.

Things to remember while creating a channel art

If you are thinking of uploading any desired pictures to your YouTube channel art banner, you must know that the picture that doesn’t meet the size requirements will be rejected by Youtube. You can upload only the picture that meets the size requirements properly. Many websites offer YouTube channel art banners for free. You can go to the websites, download a perfect image that seems suitable to your content, and upload it to your channel art. The required size of a YouTube channel art banner is 2048×1152. The file size should not exceed 6 Megabytes. If you can adjust your YouTube channel art banner by visiting YouTube Studio. If you are searching for a free option, you can take advantage of Canva, it does a splendid job. You can design your channel art banner with the help of it. Creating a channel art is just a first step towards the YouTube journey. There is a lot left to learn. Your dedication will help you reach your target.



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