How to up Your Home Entertainment Game in Such Confusing Times?

The pandemic made us all think about our interior lives. That means both a look inside of ourselves as well as our homes. A lot of us found our entertainment system to be not up to the mark for such an elongated time. Back in the usual times, we didn’t spend so much time inside our houses so the little time we did spend, we adjusted to our surroundings rather than making changes. But now seems like the right time to get the system updated and be super-entertained instead of just being entertained.

What do you need?

Not much investment at least, if that’s what you want. If you’re looking to not invest much into it, you’ll still find some options for bettering your experience. You can search for free-upgrades on apps which gives you an ad-free experience. Or if you’re looking to upgrade your TV sets or sound systems, this might be the right time to look into that. The more time we spent at home, the more we realized how different all of our needs are. Families have started ordering more TVs than before because one set just doesn’t cut it anymore. Adding another TV to another room has become a common thing in homes today. And with so much negativity and uncertainty around, an excellent entertainment setup seems like a therapeutic expense at this point. Given you’re staying away from toxic content that is widely available nowadays.

Something for everyone!

If you want to upgrade your TV sets, within a budget, you can find a 55 inch pretty good set for around 260 bucks. You can also go for a 65-inch screen size for about $700. What you can do to add to the sound is buy a soundbar which costs anywhere around 100-150 bucks. There is also the top of the line option of getting a 75-inch TV, but then you’ll have to loosen the budget a bit. With the prices at an all-time low, you can buy the exceptional TCL 75-inch eight series 4K Roku Tv for $1500. This is way cheaper than the listed price at the launch of the model at $2600. It made news then, and even now, that price tag would scare anyone.

But the TV is brilliant with cutting-edge visuals and a capable audio system. You can still go for a soundbar to enhance the experience, but that would only be required if you are installing it in a massive room. Other than this, there are other options as well in the 75-inch category that you could look into.

Content is king!

And more important than anything else is the content that you’ll put on the TV. Although, to each its own in our free land, there are some noteworthy shows and series you should look into. Disney’s Hamilton tops the list followed by Peaky Blinders, Dark, Andy Samberg’s Hulu feature comedy, Palm Springs amongst others. These are just suggestions, and there are tons of choices available. Even though shooting for films and tv shows had come to a halt, their consumption was ironically at an all-time high. Almost every movie we thought we’d watch; we’ve watched, and yet we yearn for more. Let’s see how we cope with the post-pandemic world when it comes, for now, we can take solace in our better home entertainment.



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