Lionsgate Confirms John Wick 5

Do you like Keanu Reeves? Well, who doesn’t? The guy is a master when it comes to making action-themed blockbusters. Well, there are spoilers ahead in case you haven’t seen John Wick 3 yet.

Keanu Reeves is in the news once again. The Deadline has reported that the upcoming film in John Wick franchise, John Wick 4, will have a sequel as well.

According to the report, Lionsgate’s CEO John Feltheimer has confirmed during the call, which was about the studio’s earnings that the fourth and fifth iteration of the franchise will be filmed back-to-back next year, that is, perhaps from February- March onwards. Currently, Lionsgate is preparing a script for John Wick 5.

Recently, Lionsgate also confirmed that, like all other movies, John Wick has also been pushed back. Earlier it was due to be released in April of 2021, but due to pandemic, the release date has been pushed to Memorial Day weekend of 2022. We can expect John Wick 5 a year after.

Lionsgate, however, has not made any official statement regarding the report. The script for John Wick 4 has been aggressively kept under wraps, and there haven’t been any leaks yet.

In April of 2020, the director of John Wick 3, who will steer the wheel in John Wick 4, said that he is “anxious” about how he can top the previous installment.

John Wick 4 was released in 2014 and blew the mind of the audience who witnessed a feared hitman’s struggle to avenge the death of a dog that his wife gifted him.

The third installment ended with a shocking ending with Winston mercilessly shooting John as he plummets from the roof of the continental. In the very last scene, as he finds out that Bowery King is still alive, he saves John and brings him to where he had been hiding from the High Table. As he confronts John in the very last moments of the film, he doesn’t hesitate to confess his motive to John that he wants to wage war against the High Table.

“Are you pissed off, John?” He asks him.

John Wick was weak mentally and physically. With broken bones all over his body, a bloody face, and choked voice, he suddenly feels a rush of rage. He slowly lifts his head and says. “Yeah.”

Speaking of other popular sequels, Keeanu Reeves will appear  in “Bill & Ted Face the Music” as well as “The Matrix 4.”



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