Would you be able to pass on in an escape room?

By swati meher 

My basic response to this inquiry would be a huge no! escape from rooms are a protected spot for the children, teenagers and grown-ups who need to invest some energy separated from their bustling lives. escape rooms are where you gain experiences, split riddles , illuminate pieces of information and securely make it back to the furthest limit of the game. In any case, right off the bat and above all what are the security quantifies that we are required to take? so here are some security quantifies that will enable us to score! 

security measures 

Surveillance camera 

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The game ace is continually watching out for the players and the guardians/gatekeeper are additionally permitted to perceive what their wards are doing inside the escape room 

Game ace 

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The players associated with the game are in direct contact with the gamemaster who helps the players with any trouble they may confront. 


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Everything is checked twice when the players go into space for guaranteeing their security 

Crisis exit 

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There is generally a crisis leave choice or the crisis exit is covered up and possibly utilized when there is a crisis that needs quick consideration 

Fire quencher 

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There are fire quenchers in each escape room in the event that the room bursts into flames the players inside can utilize a fire douser without any problem 


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There are briefings about how to leave the escape room and the structure out and out if there should arise an occurrence of fire or seismic tremor. 

No sharp articles 

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There are generally no sharp articles in the escape rooms. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the story incorporates one, at that point the players are advised to be sheltered. Furthermore, players are likewise disheartened to bring one. 

Medical aid unit 

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In the event that any little mishappening happens inside the escape room, at that point the players can without anyone else keep an eye on the issue with the assistance of medical aid pack 

No child 

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Youngsters under 5 are not permitted to take an interest in any escape room game. In the event that there is an escape space for kids, at that point, the entryway is saved opened for their wellbeing 

No mature age 

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No old residents are permitted in the escape room in the event that the room has diminished lighting or no lighting. Or on the other hand some other conditions as well. 


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In the event that an individual isn't feeling better and needs to leave the spot quickly, he/she is permitted to do as such with no limitations 

Truly ill-suited are not permitted in some circumstance 

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In some escape games where there is climbing, creeping, or some other physical aptitudes required, the genuinely ill-suited are disheartened to join that game. In the game where no exceptional ability is required, they are as equivalent as the capable ones 

Predetermined number 

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In an escape game, just a set number of individuals are permitted to go without a moment's delay. The number contrasts from game to game it is for the most part between 2-7/8 

at the point when the children go to escape from rooms, they are in the protected hands of the staff and the gamemaster. the staff does all conceivable in their grasp to make their experience all the more enchanting and life-changing. whereas the grown-ups are concerned they take a similar measure of care for them as well!


What do you think?

Written by Prateek


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