Five Spotify Tips and Tricks You Have Probably Never Heard Before

Spotify is a fantastic music service that enables you to listen to songs anytime, anywhere. Spotify is straightforward to use, and you can create new playlists and put your library on shuffle effortlessly. All you need to know is its features and tricks.

In this article, we will mention five secret Spotify tips and tricks which can improve your user experience:

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a desktop, you can either stream your music or download it on Spotify. This feature makes sure that there is a perfect balance between data and fidelity. However, you can tweak this feature by changing some settings. To do so, go to the “Settings” menu and click on the “Music Quality.” After that, use the “streaming quality” option and select preferred options for your streaming. You can also access this feature on your mobile phone; all you need to do is go to the “Settings” and change your streaming options as per your preference.

The is a service that enables you to track and discover new music. So, by making a direct account with, you will be directly redirected to Spotify as and Spotify are integrated. Once you shift to Spotify, you can easily browse through the records and access your music’s history, which you have been listening to.

Spotify offers you the lyrics of the music you are listening to by tapping on the album picture. Spotify has partnered with Genius, which enables you to see the integrated lyrics in certain songs. Alternatively, a way of doing it is by switching this feature to “Behind the Lyrics” mode, which enables you to access the information of the song you are listening alongside its lyrics.

Spotify can easily set multiple songs in a queue, and you can do it very quickly. To set up the queue, all you need to do is select the song and press the ellipsis. After that, you can choose from various options like artist information, album details, go to radio, add to playlist, and add to the queue. Once you set this feature, the song you have added to the queue will automatically start playing once your current song ends.

With Spotify, you can easily preview your song by long pressing and holding the song title. This feature is handy for people who love instrumental music.


The tips and tricks, as mentioned above, will enhance your experience with Spotify and allow you to enjoy your music in whatever way you like.

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