Death Note: Light’s Brilliant Plan to Trick L and the Police

In the first half of the anime, Death Note beautifully showcases two geniuses’ struggle to outsmart each other. L and Light often seem to be equally smart as they lock horns in incredible psychological warfare. The competition is fierce, and they use all of their mental prowess to predict each other’s next move. L often gets Light in trouble, but because of a clear advantage of having something supernatural, Light is able to get away. But there are also times when Light proves himself to be too good.

At one point in time, L has almost got the better of Light, and it seemed that he would soon catch him. L had already captured Misa, and if Light did nothing, he would soon follow. But there was already a contingency plan that Light had, in case he and Misa were cornered by L. The plan was fantastic since it was able to fool the best detective on the planet. 

L has kept Misa in solitary confinement under constant surveillance, where she had no chance of communicating with anyone. In such a challenging situation, there was no doubt that she would break and tell everything about Light. But this is where Light’s plan was so good. Misa beseeched Rem, her Shinigami, to take away her Death Note, which meant that she would lose her memories. As soon as she got her wish granted by Rem, she became just another ordinary girl who had nothing to do with Kira (Light). Now, she couldn’t give him up to L even if she wanted to, and Light was safe. But Rem won’t allow Misa to suffer for long and Light understands he needs to make a move to get her out as soon as possible. 

He comes with another trick to confuse the investigators even more and clear himself and Misa of all suspicion. Light himself goes to the police to confess that he might be Kira. By doing this, he gives them a good reason to arrest him and put him in solitary confinement. L was intrigued and wondered why he would do such a thing. After he was put in solitary confinement, the killing stopped, and it looked as if Light actually was Kira and L was right in his earlier suspicions. But one week into solitary confinement, the killings began again. 

What L and the police didn’t know was Light had already buried the Death Note before he gave himself up to them. A week into his confinement, he told Ryuk that he had decided to give up his Death Note, which meant he too lost his memories. After giving up his Death Note, Light became extremely annoyed for being trapped in solitary confinement, when he knew he was not Kira (since he had lost all his memories at this point). He wanted to help L find the mysterious mass murderer and his emotional outbursts seemed that he genuinely wanted to help. 

During his confinement, his father, Soichiro Yagami, had also decided to be under surveillance to ensure that he does not do anything rash. But since the Kira killings had already started taking place, there was no reason to keep anyone under surveillance. L was reluctant to let them go, but he knew he had no other option; the solitary confinement was inhumane, and the other police officers would definitely protest. So, he had no other choice but to relent to the pressure on him. So, he used another trick to test Misa and Light and ensure if they had something to do with the killings. 

L released Soichiro Yagami and told him his plan. Mr. Yagami was more than ready to cooperate. He handcuffed both of them in a sedan and drove off; they were told that they were taken to an execution site where they would be executed. Misa and Light panicked and pleaded with Mr. Yagami that they are innocent. They try to reason with him but to no avail. He seems to show no signs of mercy. All of a sudden, he turns the car and takes them to a remote location where he tells them that he would personally execute Light and then kill himself while Misa’s execution will be done by someone else.  Mr. Yagami then points the gun at Light and shoots, but it turns out that it was blank. He can finally breathe a sigh of relief and informs them that all of this was just a test to see if they had something to do with Kira. Light’s plan was so good that it worked like he had predicted, even though he had no memories about it.  His foresight is so good that he is able to trick the best detective in the world.

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Source: Death Note: Light’s Brilliant Plan to Trick L and the Police


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