Death Note: The Story of Teru Mikami the New Kira

After L’s death, Light Yagami replaces him to make it seem like L is still around. His sinister plans go unnoticed by the investigation. But that privilege does not last long when Near takes the Kira case. Near is quick to point out to other investigating agency members that Kira might be someone they know or even the imposter L himself. Light Yagami knows that he has to trade with caution, so he chooses a loyal follower named Teru Mikami to take his Death Note and do the devil’s work. Being an ardent follower and believer in Kira, Teru Mikami does not let go of the opportunity and accepts Light’s offer.

Teru was the ideal person to fill Kira’s shoes since he shared the same ideals as him. Even in his school days, he used to protect his classmates from being bullied. By middle school, things got worse as he was beaten quite often for holding on to his sense of justice. His mother intervened to tell him that it would be better for him to mind his own business and not get involved in such matters.

Teru was disappointed in his mother for lack of support for his cause. He expected her to sympathize and stand by him in his ideals of justice and fairness. But unfortunately, it never happened, and she was soon killed in an accident by a group of hooligans from his school. This further solidified his beliefs as he now vowed to make the world a better place, much like Kira (Light), who did the same when he got his hand on the Death Note. So, much before they had even met, they had quite the same ideas about what constitutes justice and what it means to be fair and moral.

Kira had become world-renowned by 2009, but for some reason, it seemed he was not interacting with his supporters as he used to; there were speculations that he might be going dormant. Demegawa, who was Kira’s spokesperson, didn’t know what to make of the situation. Teru too wanted Kira back, so he made sure that he conveyed his message by stealing a minute of the spotlight on Demegawa’s show. He made a plea with Kira that he wanted him to speak to his followers like he used to and guide them. He desperately wanted him to return since Kira was no less than a god for him.  

Impressed by his impassioned plea Kira got to know as much as he could about Teru. He was surprised and excited to find how much Teru resembled him in intellect and ideas about justice. He mailed him one of the Death Notes with complete instructions on how to use it and what he expects from him. Teru was excited and made the eye trade with Ryuk, making him the perfect killing machine for Kira. He knew that he could easily kill him off if he becomes a liability for him, so it was a win-win scenario for him anyway.  

 Teru Mikami wrote thousands of names in his Death Note doing what he was instructed to do. He even killed off Demegawa and his followers because they were creating problems for Kira with their little cult. Kira was very pleased that Teru recognized that Demegawa could be trouble and took care of him. From that point on, he became Kira’s right hand, and even though Near was keeping a strict eye on him and Misa, he was still able to kill people indiscriminately using Teru Mikami.

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Source: Death Note: The Story of Teru Mikami the New Kira


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