Ways To Make Money From Playlists on Spotify

Have you ever created a playlists on Spotify and thought of monetizing it? If yes, then this article is definitely for you.

The number of likes you get on your spotify playlists won't automatically convert to money, there are ways to earn which I will explain to you now.

You are going to use some platforms to actually monetize your work on Spotify. Even with Spotify being one of the biggest music download platforms on the internet, it's not easy for playlists curators to earn when compared to what the artistes, distributors and Spotify themselves earn.

Platforms To Earn From Your Spotify Playlists

  1. Playlistpush: You need 30 listeners every month, 400 followers and at least 1% of your followers are still listening to your playlist before you are eligible to work with this platform. They only pay through bank transfer after you have reached your payment threshold.
  2. Dailyplaylister: This platform has a bigger requirement, you need 1k followers and a minimum of 200 listeners. They pay through PayPal and you can earn more if you have a huge audience on your playlists.
  3. Submithub: There is no basic requirements for you to join this platform before you earn, they also pay via PayPal and can get you more followers.

All in all, it's easily said than done. Making money from Spotify playlists requires hardwork and consistency, when your followers are huge and people love your playlists you will start getting emails from artistes.

I wish you success in your journey to make money on Spotify, I hope this article was helpful.


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