The Haunting Of Hill House: Hidden Details You Missed About The Tall Man

Recently, Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Bly Manor is scheduled to be released on 9 October on Netflix. The series is the most awaited show after the success of the 2018 release The Haunting of Hill House. The show was based on the novel of the same name written by author Shirley Jackson.

The Haunting of Hill House is a supernatural horror drama TV series directed and produced by Mike Flanagan and produced by Paramount Television along with Amblin Television for Netflix. The cast of the show includes Elizabeth Reaser, Michiel Huisman, Oliver Jackson-Chen, Victoria Pedretti, and Kate Siegel. The plot of the show revolves around the family of Olivia and Hugh Crain and their five children- Shirley, Steven, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor, moved into the mansion Hill House to renovate it and sell it. However, they have to stay longer due to some unexpected repairs, and they begin to experience paranormal activities. The trauma infuses the whole family. One of the ghosts of the show was The Tall Man, a lean figure. The Tall man is very scary and has plenty of obfuscated and hidden details about him. In this article, we will try to find out the missing information about Crain’s tallest specter.

William Hill

The Tall Man is not the real name of the ghost, just like The Bent-Neck Lady. The Tall Man who used to haunt poor Luke Crain (played by Jackson-Cohen) throughout his life. The Tall Man also has an identity other than a ghost. His actual name is William Hill. William’s guilt drove him insane, and he used bricks to close himself into the basement wall. His legacy in the series is directly connected to Hill House, a long-standing building that takes in the Crain family. However, the main subject of the show is Crains, but the presence of Hills’ felt throughout.

Product Of Jacob

Before William, Jacob Hill, his father, was the first person who belonged to the house. His construction of the house set a domino of the effect of terror who inhabited it. Jacob started to build the house centuries ago to the time the show is set. But the process of construction was muddled and tarnished because of the death of his wife. The house was always associated with the horror, which in result produced the room as stomach. And the death of Jacob’s wife was the sign that something is wrong with the house.

Mysterious Children

William Hill was the son of Jacob Hill. But the children of William, The Tall Man, were the mysterious characters of the series. He had two children, among whom one is alleged to be the product of the affair of William’s with his maid, but the explanation or clarity around it was missing in the series. The death of his daughter was debatable. And his son died with an unknown illness. It is sad how little he is aware of the lives and deaths of his kids.

Married To Poppy

William Hill was married to Poppy Hill during his time on Earth. But this connection was never well established on screen. The character of Poppy was defined as evil and resentment; she nurtured the reaction and experience of her life on Earth. Her husband, William, appears as the tallest ghost with a bowler hat, and Poppy tends to turn as a flapper. However, they were husband and wife during their human lives.

Hated By Hazel

Along with Poppy, William’s sister, Hazel was also his surviving relative. Hazel was well established through Easter eggs from the show to be a bootlegger. The Haunted of Hill House was well established that Hazel detested bothering Poppy and William. Hazel’s connection with barrel burning might explain that she killed Poppy and William’s children. However, the details around it are very few and hence leave room for interpretation, but the plot is still fascinating.

Asylum Time

The character of The Haunting of Hill House was named William Hill; he was destined for an unceremonious end. Insanity overcame him, and he was shipped to a mental asylum by William. Poppy and William met at the asylum and managed to return to Hill House, although his conditions were not improved. William’s details about his background suggest that his fate was foretold.


The second time when William Hill became insane and pushed himself towards death, that was the evidence that he was not mentally ill. However, some think that he was ridden with guilt. The backstory of William is certain that he was an illegitimate child and has a fair amount of infidelity. And his affair with the maid resulted in deep guilt within him.


There are plenty of details about the origin of William and the function of The Tall Man, and most of his secrets are right in the center of the show. He becomes the scary ghost who haunts little Luke. However, Luke stole the bowler cap that is why The Tall Man was after him. And the back story of William explains his material identity (and insane downfall from the loss of it) makes him even more haunted.

The above are a few details and clues about the ghost The Tall Man, who was also the son of Jacob Hill, William Hill. But since the plot and screenplay of the story are much detailed, hence it might be possible that audiences would have ignored or missed the smaller details. In this article, we tried to list some of William’s characteristics according to the story of the plot. I hope the article was informative and exciting for you. And you enjoyed it thoroughly.

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