7 Things You Must Know About Beer Tasting

Beer is loved for its unique flavour, great texture, and the amazing drinking experience it grants you. However, there are more types of beer than you usually find at your favourite bar, and you may even be surprised to find that many premium beer brands in India produce brews that you may not find that easily. Beer tasting parties and events are a great way to get introduced to these new brews and find out whether you have a taste for these or not.

However, before you plan to visit or organise one for yourself, there are a few things that you must know about beer tasting beforehand. Take it like an introduction or an orientation before you take the fun ride towards new experiences in beer.

Here are 7 Things to Know Before Going Beer Tasting:

  • TypesBeer usually has only two types, a tip that you must always remember. Beers are either ales or lagers, and all beers by top Indian beer brands fall into either of these categories. It is also a good thing to familiarize yourself with both these types in order to find your own preferred beer before you go beer tasting. After all, you will not like to be disappointed, right?

  • Drinking From a Glass

    The best way to understand a beer’s full profile will be to drink it from a glass, instead of drinking it straight from the bottle. This helps in the release of the full aroma and texture of the beer.

  • Palate Cleansing

    Beer Tasting is all about exploring the different flavours and textures in the depth of a beer, which requires quite a lot of your palate’s attention. Cleaning your palate during a beer tasting is important for this very purpose. Preferably between 2 drinks, sip on water, swirl it around and spit it out to start again.

  • Pouring it Right

    Pouring the beer right is important because you need the right amount of foam on top of the beer when you start drinking it. The foam, or the head of the beer locks in the flavour, aroma, and carbonation of the beer, keeping it fresh for longer. Start the pour with a 45-degree angle of the glass and straighten it slowly after the glass is half full.

  • No Chugging

    Beer tasting is about enjoying the beer for its deep and rich flavour. Chugging is just pouting the beer directly into your belly without feeling what it tastes like. Plus, because you will be tasting a lot of varieties, a belly full of beer may not be a good starting point.

  • Chewing the Beer

    Much like wine needs to be swirled in the mouth in order for the flavours to release, the beer also needs to be “chewed” for the components to release the flavours inside the beer’s body.

Beer tasting is an entirely different experience than drinking beer at home. This is why you need to try beer tasting at least once in your life because who knows what experience it may bring for you. Just remember these points before you go.


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Written by Mahou India

Mahou India is the first subsidiary of Mahou San Miguel – the leading and most international brewer in Spain – to be established outside Spain. Our brewery, located in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), is equipped with the best technology to guarantee the quality of our beers. Our products are present in several States across India.Our Brews are matured for the right number of weeks to ensure finest quality, aroma and taste.We use specially handpicked ingredients which go into brewing our beer’s superior quality.We never cut corners. Because we brew beers we love!


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  1. Expect some differences in alcohol, at least in taste. And that we will taste it, there will be different steps and methods. But the Timbian principle is one of the first I hadn’t studied. Thanks for the good information

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