Fisher’s Cyborg Only Offered Cameo In The Flash

Recently, Ray Fisher was reportedly offered a role in The Flash movie. He did his debut role in the 2016 movie of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as Victor Stone/ Cyborg. Fisher and his character were then beautifully introduced in the next year’s film Justice League. After that, he never appeared in other DCE Universe movies, which provide uncertainty for his standalone films.

Cyborg was also slated for his solo adventure project as an intended important part of the Justice League. Victor’s role in the Justice League was reduced and was treated as McGuffin rather than the actual key player. So for now, Fisher’s next big project is Andy Muschietti and Ezra Miller’s upcoming DCEU film as the cybernetically reconstructed hero, though the role would not be significant enough.

In a recent report from The Wrap, Fisher is only offered the cameo role in The Flash. And no additional news other than that. Although according to anonymous sources, Fisher has begun a tirade against Justice League director Joss Whedon for being offered the cameo in June. In this month, there is news that Fisher might appear in The Flash, but nothing concrete has yet divulged to the public. Fisher came out on social media in late June and shared about Whedon’s toxic behavior on the set of Justice League. The allegations were enabled by the president of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, and former co-president of Warner Bros. Jon Berg. All the three accused have denied the claims, but Fisher was backed up with his co-stars and other people, like the star Jason Momoa, whose support is pivotal for public consciousness. Fisher keeps on updating about the issue and all information regarding the investigation. Recent updates from the actor complicate the issue, as he accused the head of Warner Bros. Picture Walter Hamada is trying to cover up the issue.

Fisher and Momoa have exposed the studio misbehavior with the actor and the studio’s PR team to cover up the issue. However, Fisher is accusing the team after being offered a small role in the movie The Flash. So it is not clear whether the issue is genuine or because he felt discredited. In any case, it will be too soon to judge both parties, and it seems like Fisher has a lot to say about the issue. It will be good if we hear him out before making any judgments.

The aforementioned is all about the Fisher and Warner Bros. issue. I hope this was an informative article for you.

source: Fisher’s Cyborg  Cameo In The Flash


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