Top 4 Applications for Virtual Reality 360 Videos

You have probably seen 360 degree videos many times and they tend to look better than other videos. 360 videos are a simple immersive, spherical video recording that simultaneously shows a view in every direction. These shots need a collection of cameras or omnidirectional camera set up to achieve the 360 view. The main purpose of the 360 videos is to immerse viewers in the experience as though they were there. Read on to know the top four applications of 360 degree videos today.

VR Experiences

VR experiences will be a major part of the VR phone apps market. Imagine getting home from the office and putting on your VR headset and transporting yourself to a beautiful beach, a park, or anywhere you want to experience or relax. You can pick a place and then fly there in virtual reality. There are immense opportunities in this space for travel companies, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

VR Filmmaking

Today, cutting-edge filmmakers are already exploring the potential that 360 VR video offer for cinematic filmmaking. Virtual reality also offers the not widely appreciated advantage of existing 3D catalog to reach a much larger audience in the home. VR headsets are essentially 3D capable and much easier to operate comparted to a 3D TV. VR filmmaking blocks out everything else and immerses the viewers in the creation.

VR Sport

Fully immersive sports video offer stunning opportunities for triple-play operators, broadcasters, and events or rights holders and anyone offering ultra-high bandwidth to the home.  With VR camera, you can easily stream live ultra—high quality, 360 degree video directly to the VR headsets of your viewers. This is just like teleporting into the stadium and now sports teams and clubs can now have 500 million or even more fans at a game instead of 50,000 fans thanks to smartphone based VR headsets. Most sport fanatics are willing to pay for a premium experience of ultra-high quality live VR sports videos that offer an immersive experience.

VR Music

Opportunities will live 360 VR videos are immense for service providers, venues, and artists today. You can capture a major festival, concert, or DJ performance from the perspective of ultra-high quality VR cameras. Your gigs can be attended virtually by thousands or millions of pay-per-view Virtual Reality Viewers around the world. Your fan base can choose their preferred viewpoint to watch the live performance, stand close to the DJ, or join the act on the stage. Major artists should use VR 360 videos to capture their tours in premium quality video for future use.

360 videos and VR phone apps can be used in a wide range of applications for entertainment and even business. The increasing popularity of these videos and the enhanced technology means that these videos are here to stay. This means that you should expect the applications of 360 videos to increase over time.


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