The last light started to disappear. Ragnarok Online from the hope that the owner of the game himself opened.

Our Thailand gamer is one of the countries that love playing Ragnarok Online games with their hearts and minds from past to present. New faces, new faces, as well as new children That did not keep up with the first version, but when seeing the current happening, it would certainly not be able to avoid entering

Maybe because Ragnarok Online used to be a game that made many good memories in addition to providing fun alone. Also build friendships between friends, some even get real friends in this game, there is still Causing it to be said that “Ragnarok Online” will be the national game of Thailand, it is not something that is exaggerated at all.

But in many Last year, Thai gamers were excited by the fact that the service provider has launched a new Ragnarok Online service every time, whether from a new operator or a new server, but now it is not a game that Play for fun longer. But become a game that gamers come to play for “Make money” or become a business game

I have to admit that this is a reality, not a beautiful world, saying that the game is fun, can't think of selling things, ask if there are gamers who really think like that or not, say that there is, but if you think in the ratio I think the game Kor 10 people who love and play Ragnarok Online to make yourself really happy. There is no matter of money involved, only 2 people or 20% of all players Thus, nowadays, it is seen that many players have lost a lot when compared from the first month of service.

And now, the remaining 20% is starting to run out of light, and the remaining light is about to disappear. Because of the word “Kak Patch”, nowadays the players who are still playing are saying in the same voice that they are getting tired of patch updates is very important. To change the mind of the player to have more goals after the game has been in operation for a long time. Including adjusting the balance of a career that many people People have been waiting, but nowadays, the only thing that they see on a regular basis is never lacking is a “promotion” for selling a variety of items that have been around for a long time. Well, because it is something that can not be completely eliminated Must continue to accept the condition

Another thing that players are now beginning to disappoint and lose their faith with the game Ragnarok Online.Previously, the game will be available through a publisher in Thailand, which fixes problems in the game or update various patches. Understand that it takes time to coordinate and communicate with each other. Country, but this time in the version of Gravity Game Tech that the IP owner has opened for himself, it turns out that fixing or listening to the problem of the game fans is no different from those that are available through Publisher, whether it is management BOT Solving Problems of Listening Servers, Fan Feedback, Service Services are still unable to meet gamers' needs as they should be. Until now, the remaining 20% of the players have disappeared steadily From these

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