Free Android Games with No In-App Purchases

There are plenty of outstanding games out there that you can play, but most of them are not available for free to be played. Don’t worry! We have listed some outstanding Android games that you can play entirely for free with no in-app purchases. Here is the list of the apps.

It’s A Space Thing

It’s A Space Thing is a newly launched arcade-style shooter game where you play the character at the bottom of your device’s screen, and your goal is to kill the bad guys at the top of your device’s screen. The game boasts simple controls, five boss battles to play through, intense gameplay, local multiplayer mode, and many more things. The game has a straightforward user interface and fantastic graphics, and it is entirely available for free to play.


Pathos is a roguelike adventure retro-style game where you have to explore the various areas in the game and collect loot. The game offers you a pretty simple user interface, straightforward mechanics, and decent graphics. Pathos is quite a decent game and entirely available for free to play.

Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling is another recently launched arcade wrestling game where you have to go head to head with your opponent. The game provides you with simple controls, 55 different playable characters, retro-style 2D graphics, a solo mode along with a tag-team mode, and much more stuff. The game is fantastic and available entirely for free to play.

Cube Escape Series by Rusty Lake

Cube Escape is a pretty decent puzzle game provided by Rusty Lake; it is a series of excellent puzzle games that are entirely available for free to play. In the game, you have to solve the puzzle and find some hidden things. The graphics are average, but you will enjoy playing them.


Sonny is a newly launched action RPG that contains a post-apocalyptic theme and various comic book elements. The game features a pretty decent storyline and a straightforward user interface. The game is entirely available for free to play, and you will enjoy playing it.


Vodobanka has a very clean user interface, and it is a puzzle game where you will get various levels to play through. In the game, your goal is to rescue the hostages by commanding a SWAT and breaching without losing any of the hostages. You will find a map along with bandits at each level. It is quite a nice game, and you can play it entirely for free.

AI Factory Limited Games

AI Factory Limited is not a game but a developer on Google Play that provides you with a variety of straightforward free Android games, including Gin Rummy, Chess, Hearts, Checkers, Euchre, Sudoku, Go, Chess, Reversi, and many more. Each game provided by AI Factory Limited is entirely available for free with no in-app purchases. But some of the apps contain ads that can be removed by making a purchase; however, ads are not that annoying so you can even play with ads without any problem.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are two different games; they both are endless runner games and entirely available for free to play. Your goal is to run as far as possible and collect coins. Both the games are quite similar, but in Alto’s Adventure, you will find some extra elements compared to Alto’s Odyssey. Both the games are pretty amazing and offer straightforward interfaces.

So, these are a few best and entirely free Android games that I would recommend you to play on your Android smartphone and enjoy. I hope you like the article. Thank you for reading it.

source: Free Android Games with No In-App Purchases


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