Ten ‘Hocus Pocus’ Items for the Sanderson Sister in You for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner and holiday season in a month gets all of us excited during this part of the year. It’s time for celebrations and casting spells. You must be familiar with one of the most iconic movies ‘Hocus Pocus’ when the Sanderson Sisters created magic. It is one such movie everybody used to watch almost every day in the month of Halloween.

From collecting costumes to masks for Halloween, everything seems to glitter and magic. It is a thing about October. Are you looking for spooky decoration pieces and accessories? How about collecting these fun items mentioned below to celebrate the season?

The Witchy Starbucks Tumbler

Finding the perfect item to show your love for the magic spell? There’s nothing better than a Starbucks tumbler with hand-painted Sanderson sisters on it. The tumbler is best suited for cold beverages and not only this, but it turns down the utilization of plastics. If you’re looking for a tumbler just the same, don’t forget to check the MekahsCupsnSuch on Etsy Store for reasonable prices.

Hocus Pocus: The Game

What other than board games if you’re looking for some fun and frolic in the festive season. Mostly all the board games are played individually facing your opponents. However, ‘Hocus Pocus: The Game’ requires you to work as a team. You must steer clear of the Sanderson Sisters and their evil powers to win the game. Two to six players are just the perfect number for such a game.

Hocus Pocus-Themed Cookies

If you’re trying to be a part of Halloween, you must do it with all means. Grab a hot cup of coffee with the combination of Nestle’s cookies inspired by the spooky sisters. These delicious treats are available in almost every store near you and are full of healthy oatmeal peanut butter. Get a pack now and enjoy your Halloween evenings.

Funko Pop Figures

If you’re a fan of the classic Disney film ‘Funko Pop,’ the witchy figures are just the right décor items. These figures present the three evil Sanderson Sisters looking at a pot of their magical potion, available for $39.99. Let’s get it clear, such cute figures can be placed at your show wall all year long.

Shot Glasses

“Raising a toast for the month full of fun and good vibes- To Halloween.” This is what you’ll say to celebrate and raise a toast with the spooky shot glasses, perfect for your kitchen. Get a set of Halloween shot glasses at $14.99 from Spirit Halloween for your limited social gatherings.

A Cartoon Winifred Mask

Halloween makeup is an aesthetic thing about the day. However, if you’re not too good at creating a spooky look for yourself, you can go for Winifred masks available at the Etsy Store. Grab a mask for as affordable as $5 and pull the coolest look.

A Halloween Spell Book

Have you considered having a spellbook that keeps you energized throughout the Halloween season? If not, this is a good time to think about the same and get yourself a Sanderson spellbook. The item is available under $10 at Etsy’s.

A Stylish Backpack

Mini backpacks look cool anywhere you carry them, and something with a touch of Halloween will show off your witchy pride. You can get the stylish backpack from Hot Topic for around $49.90. The orange and black combination gives the complete Halloween vibe for the season, exactly what you need.

The Stuffed Binx

Need a companion for yourself? The stuffed Binx is the right choice for the weather to cuddle up or decorate the shelves of your home. If you’re finding a cool item to shop with Disney, prioritize the cute stuff toy at only $16.99.

A Tabletop Tombstone

What’s the fun of Halloween without getting some trippy articles for the décor? Give a spooky vibe to your home with the table tombstone available at $12.99 by Spirit Halloween. Are you excited to get your best costumes on and get your spooky side out to scare others? The collection of these ten best Halloween items is going to lighten up your evening to a different level. Start your collection now before it runs out of stock.

SOURCE:- Ten ‘Hocus Pocus’ Items for the Sanderson Sister in You for Halloween


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