There Will be a Season 6 of Prison Break

The star of the show, Dominic Purcell,  confirmed the news via a post on his Instagram account and caused a sense of delight among his followers who have already started hyping Season 6 in the comment section.

Brutal crime drama from Fox, Prison Break, is all set to make an appearance for yet another season.

Dominic Purcell who plays the lead character on the show named Lincoln Burrows very nonchalantly alluded to the fact that there would be a season 6 of “Prison Break” through a brief-answers to the circulating internet rumors regarding himself. In an Instagram post, he addressed four questions and gave crisp and witty answers to each one. The first question was in regards whether he was an old man now on which he suggested that he has reached the half-century. The second one was directed towards the joke that whether Dominic is a bald person, he denied the rumor and said that he has hairs, but people insist that he should cut it as it would suit his looks.

The big one was the third question “Will Season 5 pb happen?” To which he wrote a clear cut “Yes” without adding much to it.

It is imperative to understand that the “Yes” is the only clue fans have regarding the possibility of Prison Break Season 6, but they believe Dominic Purcell doesn’t make a joke like these, and if he says the season 6 is coming, it definitely is coming. However, other details like date, plot, cast, and production team involved are up in the air.

Prison Break was first aired in 2005 and ran on Fox up until 2009, but it made a surprising return in 2017, but ever since then, any information regarding the continuation has neither been given nor have they been leaked. Well, of course, up until now.

The demand for season 5 actually brought the series back to life in 2017, but that did not satisfy the fans. They want more and more up until the time there is nothing left to tell about Prison Break. Dominic Purcell himself has said that he wouldn’t mind more seasons of the ultra-famous show. 

Purcell is a man of hints. Previously he hinted at the possibility that the production for season 6 might even start not later than October of 2020, but he clarified that he just “heard” it and nothing is confirmed. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on every scheduling plan, and it is not certain that the production team of Prison Break Season 6 are gearing up to start next month (if it was indeed planned to commence next month).

Purcell, however, has recently shown a lot of frustration with the fact that he gets a lot of “Season 6” questions and tried to end the speculation with the statement that alluded to the possibility that if the story is worth making, it will get made. Fans, instead of showing patience to this, bombarded him further in the comment section as they were convinced that the series still has a lot of stories left in its tank.

It was in 2019 that CEO of Fox entertainment Charlie Collier had said that currently, creators of the show had not approached him or anybody in the company regarding Season 6, but he suggested that Fox is in no mood to cancel the show as the company is proud to be associated with franchises like Prison Break.

He also said that if the creators have some ideas that they are ready to relay, he will be ready to listen to them.

The series follows Dominic Purcell’s character Lincoln Burrows who devises a master plan to help rescue his brother Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) who faces imminent death after being wrongly sentenced to it for murder.

The Prison Break is a crowd puller at Fox and had received an abundance of rave reviews for its first four seasons. The fifth season, however, was subject to some criticism regarding its monotonous elements but it satisfied the series’ hardcore fans nonetheless.

The music for the series is given by the world-renowned composer Ramin Djawadi, famous for his work in series like Game of Thrones and Westworld.

The series is a product of Fox network and is distributed by 20th Century television but all the five seasons can also be streamed at Netflix.

Source-There Will be a Season 6 of Prison Break


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