Netflix Cancels “The Dark Crystal”

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” has been cancelled by Netflix only a day after it surprised everyone with an Emmy win for Outstanding Children’s Program.

The news has been broken through Gizmodo who has shared words from Netflix and the executive producer Lisa Henson.

Henson, also being a representative of the Jim Henson company reportedly has confirmed the sad news and said that she regrets not being able to relay the further story of The Dark Crystal which fans are eager to see. She said that the company, however, will still try to continue the story with other means, but as far as the relationship with Netflix is concerned, it is over. For the time being, she is thankful for Netflix and is proud of the work that has been done on The Dark Crystal, which speaks volumes of what fantasy and science fiction world could achieve when combined. She also highlighted that messages that come out of such a story is always relevant and resonates with everyone. Apart from that, she also expressed gratitude for the praise that the series is getting and for the most recent Emmy win that puts a cherry on top of the cake.

The animated series was based on the 1982 Jim Henson film “The Age of Darkness” and tells the story about a planet of Thra which is descending into abyss day by day. The one thing that can save it, the Dark Crystal, is there at the heart of the planet; however, it has been corrupted by the evil force of Skeksis. Three Gelfling discovers some ugly truth about Skeksis which eventually leads to an adventure-filled rebellious battle to restore the planet to its real order.

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is a high-quality show available to stream on Netflix. The show can be hailed as an apogee in the domain of high fantasy puppet-animation. The show relays the story which is based upon notions of magic, resistance, and darkness. The emotion pervaded throughout the story is of an unending fight against the evil and the fact that good always overcomes it. The well-deserved Emmy win will easily pitch the series as one of the best-animated content present at OTT platforms and will pave the way for future creative artists for endeavors in the world of theatre or perhaps in some other ingeniously created world.

Although the Emmy awards were stormed by the likes of Schitt’s creek, HBO, and Watchmen, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is one of the well-deserved wins for Netflix. Why have they cancelled it? It’s a question that only the almighty can answer.

You can stream the first season directed by Louis Leterrier on Netflix. 

source: Netflix Cancels “The Dark Crystal”


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