Survivor: The Winners

Survivor has come a long way from its initial days. And in these twenty years, there are numerous changes the show has gone through the period. Survivor is an American version of reality competition derived from the Swedish TV series titled, Expedition Robinson created by Charlie Parsons. The television series premiered on CBS on 31 March 2000. It is hosted by the executive producer of the show Jeff Probst along with the original creator Mark Burnett. Survivor places a group of people or players are isolated in a location where they must arrange their fire, food, and shelter. The contestants compete for immunity from elimination. Their fellow contestants vote them out, and the one who survives till the end will be given the title of “Sole Survivor” and awarded by $1,000,000 US dollars. The American version of Survivor is very successful and its first eleven seasons rated among the most-watched top ten shows. The show was nominated for several Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sound Mixing in 2001, Outstanding Special Class Program in 2002, and four times for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. And it won the award for Outstanding Host for a Reality-Competition Program four consecutive times. Survivor made its place in Time magazine for 100 greatest TV shows and ranked #39 at TV Guide on “60 Best Series of All Time”.

The show finished its 40th season on 13 May 2020 and production faced many challenges shooting the episodes of 41stand 42nd seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team planned to start the shooting while planning to air the 41st season in spring 2021. The game required complex strategizing, faster-paced gameplay, and alliance-making. In this article, we will try to list down some old winners who were first to go in Winners at War.

Amber Brkich

Amber Joy Mariano is an American TV personality and also a winner of Survivor: All-Stars. She appeared in The Amazing Race twice with her husband where they placed 2nd and 8th respectively and were also the Survivor: Winners at War. Although the show All-stars was the most controversial season, and the winning of Brkich is probably the main reason for that. Although, her tactics and game plan were equally efficient as she managed to ally with Mariano and managed herself to be immune from elimination. However her victory is majorly associated with Mariano and his dominance, so the jury voted more against the other contestant Rob than Amber.

Vecepia Towery

Vecepia Towery-Robinson is the American office manager and a TV personality, known for winning the fourth season of Survivor, Survivor: Marquesas. Towery applied for the reality competition series Survivor in 2001. Initially, she was not so good in the game and lost her very first immunity challenge. She did not join the rest of the tribe to vote out Peter Harkey but voted for Sarah Jones with Sean Rector. And when she finally won the game, it was shocking for many people. It is always telling that when a non-winner proves they become far more popular than the actual winner. The same happened with Natalie and Russell on Samoa, and with Rob and Vecepia on Marquesas. Even when Vecepia won the game, Jeff Probst said in an interview that, by the time you got the top two for the finals, he was sleeping.

Brain Heidik

Brian A. Heidik is an American actor who is known for the TV competition series Survivor: Thailand. Heidik competed in the fifth season of the American version of Survivor titled, Survivor: Thailand. In the initial days of the game, he was considered a trustworthy individual. However, his image soon dramatically changed. Heidik’s tribe lost the first two immunity challenges. He is known for his relationships, refusal to form bonds and his cold demeanor, and he used to consider the game “business trip”. Brian also showed his incredible leadership on Chuay Gahn and is credited to invent the “goat strategy”. He told EW in their conversation that Helen, Clay, Jan, and Brian were the least likable final four ever.

Tina Wesson

Tina Marie Wesson is an American motivational speaker, reality television personality, and nurse who won 1,000,000 as she won the second season of the reality show Survivor titled Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001. She returned for Survivor: All-Stars, the fourth season of the franchise and she was the first one to be voted out of the show. Then Wesson again came back to the show with her daughter Katie Collins. Katie finished the show and acquired fourth place. She is the victor of Australian Outback, her quiet nature and under-the-radar approach towards the game made her the underrated Survivor winner. Wesson served as the “mom” of the camp, but he also convinced Colby Donaldson to take her to the finale.

The above are few winners of the reality show Survivor. I hope this was an informative article for you and had a great time reading it.

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