Unique Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Gift Ideas

Accessories make everything better. You can wear them, carry them, flaunt them and ensure your style statement is self explanatory. It is like how a stole compliments a dress or a clutch finishes your attire with glam. The beauty of accessories is that there are no rules and the liberty to experiment is endless! Also these make great instant gifts for both formal and informal occasions such as ties, jewellery, handbags & clutches, stationeries and so forth.


The objective of any good gift is the thought behind the gesture. Imagine the sheer joy of gifting accessories that are made out of locally sourced materials, handmade and support local artisans  communities. There is a chain reaction of contributing to a mutually beneficial business model that omits the commercialisation of craft commodities making the experience of using such items highly personal. Moreover, in an era of depleting resources, sustainable alternatives are game changers and make thoughtful gifts. For eg. Accessories made out of SILK are ideal and substantial to gift loved ones as well as informal settings.

Fabric Plus is one such entity that advocates for upcycling and slow fashion by reusing waste fabrics for developing products. These waste fabrics being SILK in nature only help optimize the creativity as well as aesthetic value of the products. As conscious contributors to the textile industry, we are glad to be part of a movement towards ecological sustainability. Below is a list of accessories developed by Fabric Plus:

  • Ties:ties are the perfect accessory for any formal occasions. It can brighten up and make any formal outfit appear smart and presentable. Now adding a SILK tie would simply amp up your style quotient to maximum! The silk adds volume to the grandeur of the outfit and is certain to make you stand apart!
  • Earrings:there is very little one could go wrong with a pair of earrings. Most often, a nice pair would give you a minimalistic chic style effortlessly. As the fashion trends keep evolving, it is never too late to jump onto the bandwagon of sustainable alternatives. For eg. Jewelry such as earrings made out of waste SILK fabrics not only looks fabulous but also would sustain for a long period of time. Not to mention profound style factors added to any attire paired with.   
  • Handbags/clutches:Hand bags and clutches are important accessories to complete and compliment any outfit instantly. They accompany any outfit with style and glam. Not only that, they come in handy to carry essentials such as make-up, toiletries, snacks, etc.
  • Stoles:Stoles are easily the effortless accessory always available on the go. One need not over-think styling a stole as there are endless ways to wear it and finish off one’s style statement. Dresses both formal and informal go well with stoles worn around the neck, tie it on the handbag or simply hang by the sleeve. There isn’t anything better if the stole is SILK! Luscious threads hand-woven to make you feel special whilst wearing, is the goal behind a SILK stole, not to forget the elegance it carries off.   

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Written by Fabric Plus


Venturing into the textile sector in 2003, Fabric Plus is the largest commercial producers of Eri & Muga Silk. We specialize in Eri Silk, handloom fabrics, finished apparels and home furnishing. It features as one of the most organised handloom setups in India, and has played a pioneering role in the promoting of traditional handloom fabrics of North East India.
We are leading exporter, manufacturer, supplier of eri, pat and muga silk dresses & eco friendly clothing. Our team of expert weavers has been known to produce best quality of Eri and other indigenous silk fabrics. We offer pure silk sarees, muga mekhela chadar, silk kurta, scarfs, stoles, eri silk shawl, yarns, and scarves etc.
Our mission is to nurture and enhance the silk industry of Assam & the Northeast, and create a revolution right from the grassroots; bringing a means of livelihood to the traditional silk bearing families of Assam.
The vision of the company is to enhance livelihoods and offer sustainable solutions for the healthy growth of the regional textile industry.


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