Surprise your Comic Book Nerd Friend

When you think that you really know someone, getting them a present does not seem so difficult. However, when the moment comes to get them a birthday or a Christmas gift, you find yourself wandering the streets, wondering what store to hit first and what to get them that would make them really happy.

We all have that one nerdy friend that we might not share passion for Doctor Who with, but we love that adorable geek from the bottom of our hearths and we want to surprise them with something good. So if you are out shopping for them and have no idea what to surprise them with, here are a couple of suggestions you cannot go wrong with.

Oldie but Goodie

It might seem ridiculous to walk into a comic book store and look for something for your friend, as you can expect them to already have it all. And you would probably be right, so instead of getting them new, wrapped-up-in-cellophane comic book, go online and look for old but authentic ones. Sometimes someone on the other side of the globe put it for sale, so you would have to order it a bit earlier. Do not be disappointed when it arrives looking a bit shaggy, because that is exactly what your friend would want – one of the first Doctor Who comics that is almost impossible to find.

For True Collector Fans

However, if you are a little short with time, you can stay in your local comic book store in Australia and check out pop vinyl figures standing on the shelf. To you, they might seem like toys, but never ever call them like that. From adorable bobbles to more serous collector’s figurines, your friend is bound to love them all. Avoid getting them their favorite characters, superheroes or villains, as they probably already have them, but look for weapons, shields, Batmobile or Tardis, and help them collect everything from their favorite comic.

Suit Up

Do not go for a Spiderman suit, as authentic ones can be quite expensive, but something else, even more wearable. Buying your friend Thor socks, Spiderman pajamas or even DC Comics tie for formal occasions is never a bad choice, because it is something that they will definitely wear. Some might find it funny, or maybe even inappropriate, but the enemy never sleeps, and superhero is always on duty!


Finally, there are many things you can get your friend to help them bring their favorite comic book story to life by decorating their room. Getting Marvel sheets might seem like something you left behind in your childhood, but not to your friend. Also, Thor hammer stuck to a wall, bat signal or a light saber lamp are not only cool, but also practical. And who would not like to drink from a Tardis mug? Help them turn the ordinary room into Enterprise, where your friend will read the latest comics, play games and watch Star Trek for the hundredth time.

Buying presents for your nerdy friend is not an easy job. Learn which comic they really love, everything about it, about the character, and only then can you hit the streets and start the shopping battle, and by getting them the best gift there is, you become their own superhero.


What do you think?

Written by Tyler


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