Best Electric Shavers For Men in India

Gone are the days where people use Razor along with a shaving gel to trim and groom neatly. It is a time taking process and creates nuisance (damages the skin) when you are in hurry or getting late for work.

A good Electric Shaver is what you need for quick and efficient shaving without causing skin irritations. It is extremely easy to use, maintain, and light-weighted design helps to carry to different places.

Electric shaver has many advantages over razors. They do not use grooming items like shaving cream, soap, gel or even water. It just takes 3-5 minutes to shave whereas manual razor could easily take 10-15 minutes. You are less likely to get nicks and cuts for getting a clean shave.

With the availability of numerous brands, it’s difficult to pick the right one for the skin type. Hence, you need to consider few parameters like electric shaver types, power source, wet and dry modes, waterproof nature, smart options – indicator, LCD display, timer and finally price and warranty details. Read “Buying Guide” to know how these factors helps to make the intimated choice.

We’ve compiled the list of Best Electric Shavers in India by doing research for 46 hours – reviewing the shavers online – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and by interacting with the customers. Let’s dive into the products now!

Best Electric Shaver for men to buy online in India in 2018

Electric ShaversTypeUsage TimeCharging TimeModeWarrantyBuy Now
Braun Series 9 9240s Wet & Dry Electric ShaverFoil50 minutes1 hourWet & Dry2 years Check the Price
Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric ShaverRotary30 minutes1 hourWet & Dry2 years Check the Price
Panasonic ES-SA40K Men’s Electric ShaverRotary30 minutes8 hoursWet & Dry2 years Check the Price
Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Cordless Electric RazorFoilWet & Dry2 years Check the Price
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900Rotary50 minutesWet & Dry Check the Price

1. Braun Series 9 9240s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Braun Series 9 9240s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver with Charging Stand

Undoubtedly Braun occupied 1st position in the list of best electric shavers India. It is the most popular brand that is offering variety of beauty products like hair dryers, curl irons, hair straighteners, brushes and much more.

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver is a great combination of efficiency and skin comfort. It has a stylish body which looks cool and attracts the customer’s.

This waterproof electric shaver supports wet and dry options so you can use even in bathrooms without causing damage. All the 5 shaving elements work efficiently to trim the beard hair in desired shape.

The 2 trimmer blades are made of titanium coating to capture thick hair at single stroke. Powerful motor with autosense technology helps to move freely on dense beard.

Once you charge this cordless electric shaver for an hour, it provides 50 minutes of continuous shaving. Simply charge the device using a power cord which operates at 100-240V. Above all, this Braun electric shaver is backed with 2 years from the date of purchase.

Wrapping up, this is the best electric shaver for men that offers decent performance to the users. It has got wonderful features that make the device look premium and enhances the lifespan. The only downside is that the device produces vibrations which make bit difficult to handle and most people complaint about the manufacturing services.


Waterproof nature.
Wet and dry electric shaver.
Voltage adjustment 100-240V.
2 years of manufacturing warranty.
Highly efficient and comfortable to use.
Supports 50 minutes of cordless shaving.
40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.
Intelligent sonic and autosense technology.
2 trimmers with 5 elements (4-cutting and 1- skin guard).                                      


Relatively strong vibrations.
Poor manufacturing services.

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2. Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver

Philips Aquatouch AT890-16 Electric Shaver

Philips Electric Shaver is yet another decent quality product that is best for everyday use and supports for the sensitive skin.

Just like Braun Electric Shaver, this model provides extremely close shave and is very easy to clean. Moreover, it fits perfectly in the contours of your hands, due to the ergonomic grip with anti-slip coating.

The lithium ion batteries give more shave per charge. On a scale of 1 hour of charging, it offers 50 minutes of shaving time. It incorporates dual precision blades – slot cut for long hairs and hole cut for short stubbles.

When you find dirt on the device, keep it under running tap water as it is fully a waterproof nature. Pop up trimmer gives a pleasant look to the moustache and sides. You can also adjust the curves to prevent the skin damage using the skin protection system.

Overall, this Philips shaver ensures a comfortable and refreshing shave using gel/foam for the enhanced skin comfort. Philips brand is offering 2 years of warranty services from the date of purchase. Get it repaired for free of cost within the specified time.


Dual precision blades.
100% waterproof nature.
2 years of Phillips warranty.
50 minutes of shaving time.
Suitable to use – wet and dry.
Features skin protection system.
Best budget electric shaver in India.
Energy efficient lithium ion batteries. 


Produces some noise.
Poor manufacturing services.

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3. Panasonic ES-SA40K Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-SA40K Mens Shaver

Enjoy a refreshing shave without damaging the skin with this Panasonic Wet Shaver. It has come with finite number of features to match with the customer’s requirement.

Compared to branded shaver models, you can fully charge the shaver in 8 hours which is good enough to supply 30 minutes of shaving. Waterproof design let you wash the trimmer to keep in good condition and thereby improves the lifespan.

The slide up trimmer is great for grooming moustache and sideburns. Simply slide up the trimmer when you are ready to use and tuck away when finished. Pivoting head follows the counter space for an effortless and quick shave.

Overall, this is an advanced and best one that has all the features in shaver. It offers quick and comfortable shaving in couple of minutes. Along with the good things, it has few minor cons like it does not shave the beard evenly and is not suitable for all hair types. 


High efficient motor.
Japanese blade technology.
Supports both wet and dry.
Operating voltage 220-240V.
Cordless type electric shaver.
21-30 minutes of shaving time.
Needs 8 hours of charging time.
Light weight and easy to handle. 


Doesn’t shave evenly.
Not suitable for all beard types.

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4. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Cordless Electric Razor

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor

Yet another decent quality electric shaver from the same brand – Panasonic. Panasonic brand is bringing new innovations at your door step with the standard product quality and affordable prices.

What accessories you get?

Travel ouch
Charging station
Detergent cartridge
Cordless AC recharger
Men’s electric shaver

Like other shaving kits, it has come with 5 trimming blades for fast and efficient shaving. The lightweight design makes easy to carry to other places without any effort. You can place all the trimming accessories in the travel pouch for your convenience.

Motor is specially designed to operate at 14000CPM by offering peak performance throughout the battery life. It is almost 1.5X times faster with the cutting force than 10000 CPM shaver kits.

LCD display shows up the timer, and trimming mode so that the user can easily know the current operation. The built-in sensors automatically detect the beard density on jaw, cheeks and neck to perform fine grooming without damaging the skin.

This premium wet and dry shaver is ready to use when you are busy with other household activities or office works. The device is 100% washable, hence it can be kept under running tap water to deter the dust particles and look shiny.

Wrapping up, this Panasonic Electric Razor offers top notch performance. The only disadvantage of using this shaver is the charging station is not so good and also the cost is high compared to other electric shaver brands.


Active shaving sensor.
Flexible micro foils patterns.
14000CPM of electric razor motor.
5 fast and efficient shaving blades.
Comfortable gripping for easy shaving.
Comes with wet and dry shaving options.
Premium automatic cleaning and charging station. 


Cleaning/charging station is not so good.
Bit expensive than other razor brands.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

Philips is the master piece in designing shavers and no other brand can compete with. It is available in stylish and attractive design to match with the customer’s requirements.

This wet and dry electric shaver cuts hair upto 30% close to the skin (i.e. by reaching the contours of face curves) and have comfortable shave. Further, it is interfaced with 3-level battery indicator and travel lock system for better functioning of the shaver.

Moreover, it has come with 5-length settings which give a flexibility to create the desired look you want. With the aquatic technology incorporated in the shaver, you can enjoy refreshing/shaving your beard with gel or foam.

The ergonomically designed grip enables easy handling for a comfortable shave. Apart from features and functionality, Philips electric shaver reviews, ratings are good and make the user buy without any delay. Also, the manufacturer offers good services to the customers.

Note: You should replace the shaving head for every 12 months for optimum usage.

Philips S3310 Electric Shaver is a popular model because it offers smooth and comfort shaves using the cut-blade system. It is available at inexpensive rates and has more than 1600+ reviews and ratings.


Charges fully in 1 hour.
3-level battery indicator.
Contour detects technology.
50 minutes of shaving time.
Comes at reasonable prices.
5 beard length setting options.
Operating voltage is 100-240V.
Offers smooth and comfortable shave. 


Attachments are of poor quality.
No other accessories are included.

Buy Now From Amazon

Electric Shaver Buying Guide – Things to Look in Men’s Electric Shaver

 When it comes to choosing the best electric shaver, a lot of brands come into your mind. It’s not easy though to pick the right shaver for the skin type. So, here in this section, we’ve given the comprehensive buying guide that explains all the important parameters like electric razor type, wet and dry technology, electric shaver blades, and price and warranty information. You need to consider them when you’re shopping for electric razor to ensure smooth and even shave. 

1. Types of Electric Shavers

 Both men and women electric shavers can be broadly classified into three major categories. Each individual has different skin and types of facial hair.  Depending on personal preferences, you can choose from any of the following categories of electric shavers.

a) Rotary Electric Shavers 

This rotary shaver comes with 3/4 rotating heads with round edges for smooth and even shaving under jaws, cheeks and neck areas. The Blades spin in circular motions on your face and gives a comfortable shave using the flexible heads.

It best suits for those who have thick or coarse hair and willing to use on weekends. And strictly it is not suitable for sensitive skin people.


Suitable for both men and women.
Supports thick and coarse hair type. 


Maintains gap with the skin type.
Cause allergies and irritation for sensitive people. 

b) Foil Electric Shavers

Foil shavers uses thin and sharp blades which moves in forth and back instead of circular motion. It may typically consist of 1-4 blades which offer close shave as required. It is best suitable for men who want to grow the hair slowly. And 2 blade shaver types are best for those who shave regularly.

These have a thin layer of foil with oscillating blades, usually 3-4 in number, used by moving in straight lines on your face. The only problem with this electric shaver is it is difficult to shave on counter areas. 


Suitable for short and thin facial hair.
Offers smooth and precise shavings.
Work well on sensitive skin people. 


Difficult to shave on counter areas.

Difference between Foil and Rotary Electric Shavers  

Rotary Electric Shavers Foil Electric Shavers
Suitable for thick and coarse hair.Suitable for fine hair.
Used weekly or twice in a month.Eveready use.
Bit expensive than foil type electric shavers.Comes at affordable prices.
No need to clean the electric shaver regularly.Have to wash the shaver regularly.

Philips AquaTouch Shaver

Umanac SH9000 Cordless Shaver


Syska SHR626 Shaver

Braun Series 3 Electric Shaver

2. Electric Shaver Power Source 

Electric shavers can be operated using the 3 power sources. Namely – Battery, Corded and Plug-in. Each of them has unique specification and helps to last longer.

Battery type electric shaver is good to use at homes and other places because the shavers work as long as the batteries are in good working condition. 

Corded electric shavers are quite impractical these days because the power cord moves in the way you shave the beard. You don’t need to worry about the shaver as long as you connect to the power supply.

Plug-in electric shavers are trending now because of the fast shaving and easy to handle. It doesn’t result any side-effects and works only when you plug-in to the charging unit.  They need to be recharged for a fixed duration of time before use. However, the problem of their batteries getting discharged with frequent usage can be a pain.

Hence, you should opt for a shaver that has a high back-up time corresponding to low charging time. Also, check whether the product is made of durable quality to support all types of batteries and supply even power. If you receive a poor-quality item, then complaint to the authorized service center to replace with new one.  

3. Electric Shaver Blades

Whether you choose a rotary shaver or foil shaver type, it’s important to use fine quality blades. Once they got expired, you need to replace the blades once in every 3 months. It is because the bacteria and rust formed on the blades diminishes its lifespan. So, it’s important for men to look after the shaver blades for optimum shaving performance.

4. Wet and Dry Shaving

Some people use shavers while having a  shower bath to have a clean shave and to save time in the early mornings. Moreover, the majority of electric shavers available in the market today gets the option of both dry shaving as well as wet shaving. If your skin is too sensitive then you can use foam or gel for a smoother result.

5. Waterproof Design and Easy Gripping

The modern electric shavers come with waterproof design to access easily in tap water, or rain. And the comfortable gripping makes easy to handle the shaver and move freely as per the user’s requirement. So, it is advisable to choose a shaver that is 100% waterproof and washable.

6. LCD Display and Indicator

LCD display and an indicator is a useful feature on the electric shaver which displays whether the battery is full or low. Some branded models have also come with the advanced options like setting the trimming time as per your requirement. This help you prevent from running out of charge unexpectedly without knowing.

7. Electric Shaver Price and Warranty Information

Finally we end up the buying guide with electric razor price and warranty details. If you are the one who can afford high-prices, go with the advanced electric razor models that come with smart options like protection, timer, display, indicator, etc for the convenience and comfort of users.

For those who stick to the limited budget, we’ve also given the basic electric shaver models which offers smooth and efficient shaving experience without any hassle. And also check for the warranty services provided by the manufacturer to minimize the repairing costs.   


Compared to other shaving brands, Philips Electric Shaver is our top pick from the list of best electric shavers India because it supports all types of men’s skin and good to use daily. It comes at affordable prices and also Philips shaver has very good reviews and ratings.

If you are still confused with the brands, read our Buying Guide that helps to make the informed choice. Which electric shaver brand you like the most? Are you using any of the above-mentioned shavers? Share your doubts and thoughts with us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible.

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