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Merry Christmas Candles

Candle services are a part of every major religion in mankind ‘been s recorded history. Christianity has the candles, of Jesus as the light of the world to symbolize. Set up to the Christian symbol, candles are used all over the world in many traditions Check out some of these global traditions and get inspired to your Christmas candles in a festive holder:-


In Spain, families put a burning candle on the door to welcome in strangers.
In Italy, candles in the windows to the way for the holy child to light.
In England there was a large candle the place of the favorite Yule Log . It was believed that if durchgeleuchtet not during the entire day of Christmas burned, sick assets of the family house for a whole year would suffer!
In Denmark, two large candles lit, the husband and wife of the house to symbolize. What about first ausbrennt would show, who would be the first to die. Wish you all Merry Christmas And a happy New Year!

In the Scandinavian countries are candles on the graves of our ancestors left the original Vikings this belief may have abgestammt the dead return to life during the winter solstice to frequent.

Candles also indicate above in St Lucia’s Day (December 13). During the day when Christians were persecuted, would Lucia Mitchristen to the food supply in the tunnels to hide. In order to illuminate the way, she wore a crown of candles. The candles represented hope, a message emporhebende during the long winter nights in the north.

  • White – Spiritual Strength
  • Pink – Love, Morality, and Friendship
  • Red – Passionate Love, Good Health, and Strength
  • Orange – Encouragement, Concentration
  • Yellow – Attraction, Persuasion
  • Green – Money, Success, Luck
  • Purple – Ambition, Power
  • Black – Sadness, Loss

loss of revenue with candles, it is not so much the colors of the candles, the unique meaning, but the week, the they Lit receipts beginnings of the fourth Sunday before Christmas and culminates on Christmas Day. A candle is lit each week when a special meaning this is attributed to the week

  • Week One : Hope (purple candle)
  • Week Two : Love (purple candle)
  • Week Three : Joy (purple candle)
  • Week Four : Peace (pink candle)
  • Christmas Day : Jesus’ birth (white candle)
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Merry Christmas Candles | Scented & Decorative Candles