Organic Baby Formula: Things to know before you buy

Most parents wish for their children and do some research to feed them the best food. Almost all doctors will always recommend a baby be breastfed. There are times when it is necessary to use alternatives; this happens if the bread feeding is not an option or there is a requirement for a food sourced supplement.

One of the alternatives is an organic baby formula that has good nutritional value and is suitable for children from when they are born until they are 12 months old. Since most organic formulas of this kind meet the minimum safety standards, they are safe for a kid to consume as well.

This article goes on to explain all one needs to know as a parent before deciding to buy the best baby organic formulas.

Approved by Doctors?

Doctors recommend the use of baby formulas for most children, however, they do not recommend it as a replacement for breast milk instead as either a supplement or a substitute when necessary. The American Academy of Pediatrics considers infant formula safe to use as well.

Benefits of a Baby Formula 

Vitamins & Nutrients: The formula contains vital nutrients that are important for the growth & development of an infant. It contains Vitamin D and Omega 3 which do not exist in breast milk.

Babies tend to sleep more: The formula tends to help babies sleep for a longer duration since they feel full and also cry less.

Helps keep track of consumption: It is often hard to tell how much a child has consumed and if a kid is hungry or not. This problem does not exist when using organic baby formula since the parent is always aware of how much the child has consumed. This makes it easier for parents to manage to feed as well. 

Relief for mother: Raising a child is not easy and the initial years are every tougher. It usually involves having to pacify a child and feed them are regular intervals. However, for the parents who use this formula, it becomes easy to set the feeding times and predict sleeping patterns of a child. This helps mothers get more rest and make them more stress-free.

Solves dietary concerns: Parents often worry whether the child is getting sufficient nutrition from the food they consume. One of the biggest benefits of using organic baby formula is that there is no longer any need to be concerned.

Helps moms return to work faster: Working moms take extended leaves and some time even needs to quit their job to take care of a child. It is amazing how beneficial this formula is since it frees mothers for having to do it themselves and handle several other tasks.

Importance of Ingredients

Infant formula contains several ingredients that are vital for their growth and development. They contain the necessary vitamins and minerals vital for all children. It is also a source for protein intake; however, this can either be from milk or soy.

The milk-based protein is made from cow’s milk, vegetable oil, vitamins, and minerals; while the soy-based protein is made from soy protein, vegetable oils, corn syrup, and iron. Some children are lactose intolerant and hence need an alternative to milk. Soy is the best alternative for such children. On the other hand, children who have an allergy to soy-based food can opt for milk-based protein.

Our organic baby formulas for you?

Many parents need to reply to alternative methods of feeding for some of the other reasons. The doctors will always advise breastfeeding the babies however at times when it is hard to so, there are several alternatives available. A baby formula like soy-free baby formula and other organic formula are a good option in this case. It is a major source of nutrition and there are many options available as well.


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Written by Ryan Holman


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