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There are thousands of professional psychologists in each part of India.  It’s so confused to whom shall I choose and how can I find the best psychotherapist and / or psychologist in terms of their credentials, credibility, and affordability.Let’s understand this, question yourself?

  • What specific problem do I have, to visit a mental health expert?
  • For my condition, do I have to visit Psychiatrist or Psychologist (i.e. general, educational, career, family, psychiatric and clinical conditions)
  • How do I find an expert and look at their credentials?
  • Tips to find the right therapist or psychologist?

Before visiting and taking any decision to go through the psychotherapy or psychiatrist consultation, remember these points:

*** Research more and more, ask known people (friends and family), look for their experience and treating such conditions, check are they licensed clinical psychologist (a licensed psychologist means, certified by rehabilitation council of India and completed M.Phil in Clinical Psychology). If you have therapeutic alliance, proceed with the therapist.  

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Posted by Dr. Sailaja Pisapati

Sound or Speech disorders are the disorders of communication in which the normal sound and speech are impaired. This can result in a number of further disorders.
 In order to speak, some messages from the brain to mouth must pass on...these messages ultimately give signals how and when to make a move for making sounds.   When a child has a condition called APRAXIA, the child could not be able to move their lips or tongue in the right ways even their muscles are not weak. Sometimes they may find it very difficult to initiate speech.  This condition is also known as Verbal or Developmental Apraxia.  The child can outgrow and improve their speech with the help of a speech therapist. 
Causes due to brain damage or some genetic disorder and most of the time the cause is unknown.  This may be a genetic disorder or a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Difficulty in putting words together in an appropriate order
Distorted, left out or repeated speech sounds or words
Struggling to pronounce the right word 
Difficulty in initiating speech 
Difficulty in using longer words sometimes or all the times
To make inconsistent mistakes while speaking
The person may use a completely different word or action than to something they actually intend to use.

Now any problem we can find a solution..... if you or any of your known one has Apraxia where he or she has difficulty in initiating speech be very sure you make a visit to an expert speech and language pathologist and get the appropriate treatments for the same.
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