Best Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. Home invasions are frequently portrayed in movies as suspenseful, middle-of-the-night crimes targeting wealthy families with priceless possessions.

Guns and other weapons are more likely to hurt the homeowner rather than the intruder. It’s also important to note the wrong way to protect yourself from a potential home invasion.

Simple fixes around the exterior and interior of a property can prevent it from becoming a target:

Prevent Outdoor Hiding: All foliage including shrubs, bushes, and trees should be trimmed outside of the home. Overgrown plants provide coverage for a lurking stranger. Similarly, any ladders and tools should be locked away from the home as a burglar could use these to gain entry.

Your Neighbors Are Your Best Friends: Nothing scares burglars more than a tightly knit and vigilant community. It’s always a good idea to be friends with your neighbors so you can take turns watching each other’s properties when one is not around.

Be Savvy About Social Media: You should never broadcast your vacations or work-related trips away from home on social media. Also, you shouldn’t detail your daily movements or habits on these sites because criminals can use this information.

Explore home security systems:

Smart Lights: Interior and exterior lights can fool burglars into thinking the home is occupied. At the very least, no one wants to break into a house when they’re highly visible under a spotlight. Some surveillance systems will come with smartphone-controlled lighting options. Owners can mix-up their lighting routine to throw off anyone watching the house.

Surveillance Cameras: Outdoor cameras can be great for seeing who’s coming into your home. Wireless Infrared Indoor Security Camera monitor suspicious activities; stop theft, vandalism and shoplifting; and alert stationed security officers about real-time thefts.

Video Doorbell: Lastly, cameras like the discreet doorbell videos are incredibly popular and for good reason – criminals hate them. Not only do they record their image, but unlike older models, they provide clear, HD recordings that are easy to upload to the internet.

Glass Break Sensor: A glass break sensor, also known as a glass break detector, is a type of electronic alarm. Either by sound or by a broken circuit, it detects when glass is shattered, such as when a window is broken into. This automatically sets off an alert, such as sounding an audio alarm or notifying the authorities.

DIY Protection: Secure your life’s biggest investment with a complete do-it-yourself home security system from DIY Protection. DIY’s security systems are completely wireless and are meant for remote areas where traditional home security systems installers find hard to reach. Put together your own DIY security system how and where you want, without traditional security fees.

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