Toronto Window Replacement; What Makes The Best Window Shopping

Some years ago, going for shopping for windows for Toronto window replacement used to be fun. However, things have since changed a lot and nowadays shopping for windows is no longer fun. You may ask why?

Well, some years ago, there were no many window styles to consider when buying windows like nowadays. With so many options to consider for your Toronto window replacement, the process of shopping for windows is exciting and overwhelming. There are just so many aspects that a homeowner should consider to make the right choice. He wants to compare frame materials, curb appeal, energy efficiency, and high-tech features. Considering all these factors can be time-consuming and needs one to have background knowledge about the anatomy of windows.

Match Architectural Styles.

When it comes to improving your home, curb appeal takes centre stage, and you want to make sure that the type of replacement windows you choose matches the style of your home. The most common pairings include;

Ranch- this is a single-story construction that features asymmetrical designs, clean lines, and an open floor plan. These styles of homes work better with casement, double-hung, picture, and sliding windows.

Contemporary- come with an open and flexible floor plan with irregular lines and multiple rooflines. They work better with sliding, fixed, and casement windows.

Craftsman- a familiar throwback home design features an open floor, exposed beams with natural colours. Pair well with white double-hung windows.

Traditional- these are popular in USA and Canada and feature combined styles. They pair well with casement windows and double-hung windows.

Window Styles.

Now that you know what styles of windows fit your home style, now the next stage in your Toronto window replacement is to understand anatomies used in replacement windows.

Casement windows- a common option for many home styles. They come with hinges that connect the window to the vertical frame.

Single and double-hung windows- this is a more traditional option for both contemporary and older homes. Single-hung replacement windows come with only one operable sash while double-hung windows come with two movable sashes.

Bay and bow windows- these are created as a protrusion from the exterior wall. However, bow windows come with more window units than the bay windows, and as such, they provide more glass surfaces and offer an excellent view of the outside.

Window Frames.

While for many years wood has remained the common material for frames, nowadays more materials are coming to compete with wood. Each of these materials has its advantage and disadvantage, but all offer value Toronto window replacement.

Wood- it has, and it is still a common option for many homeowners. It offers great energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. However, it requires a lot of maintenance to remain looking in form.

Vinyl- it is becoming so popular among most homeowners. It is durable, energy-efficient, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance like wood.

Aluminium- it offers great strength, and it is a common opt for Toronto window replacement in storm-prone areas.

Fibreglass- they provide high energy efficiency, durability, and curb appeal. However, they are highly-priced.


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Written by Mahendra Kumawat

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