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At Layla, we know the importance of sleep for your well being. Having proper sleeping conditions helps in relaxing the mind and you wake up fresh and active and full of energy.

Keeping this mind, we make the best sleeping products for, like:

  • Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Topper
  • Bed Frame
  • Foundation

Layla offers the best mattress in Connecticut. Our mattresses are made keeping the mind the common sleeping trends and patterns. Good sleep is possible only with the best mattresses and we at Layla make the most comfortable mattresses.

At Layla, we ensure:

  1. The mattresses are made of copper for a cooler effect and cleaner sleep.
  2. Our mattresses give support to hips, shoulders, and back.
  3. It has flippable firmness, giving you the benefit of two comfort levels in one.
  4. We give you a trial of 120 nights with a Lifetime Warranty.
  5. Free Shipping

Layla makes the best mattress in the world that come in a variety of sizes like:

  1. Queen
  2. King
  3. CAL King
  4. Full
  5. Twin XL
  6. Twin

Copper Mattress Online

We suggest a copper mattress for everyone to deal with any sleep problems. It is important to have a proper body posture while sleeping to ensure a healthy lifestyle. There are many advantages of using copper as your mattress and pillow material.

Some of them are: 

Copper gives a cooling Effect-

Copper is one of the most powerful conducting metal. It is largely used in industrial and technological applications to tolerate the highest of temperatures.

Copper gives firmness and support-

While you lie down, the copper pillow and mattress will give you the desired support to your back while sleeping. It gives you a soft and plush feel.

Clean material-

Copper has antimicrobial properties. This makes the material perfect for kids and infants. Kids usually have the habit of drooling while sleep, thus the material will take care of it.


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Written by Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. Layla Sleep provides sleep products like mattresses, pillows, topper, foundation, bed frames, sheets, and blankets. Call 844-775-2952 for more information.


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