How to Avoid Spoiling your Curtain

Curtains bring rich colors and vibrancy to the decoration of the room. They are the lungs of your home as they absorb plenty of dust, allergen, and particles. Regularly check the fabric labels and treat the curtains with precaution they require. Many of them can be cleaned easily and some velvet ones, as well as silk drapes evidently prompt you to look for curtain cleaners near me.


Curtains receive plenty of direct sunlight, and they may fade with time. The lining gives protection to the outer fabric of your curtains from damages as they work as a double layer. Vacuum your curtains once a month. The curtains draw in a great deal of dust and dirt from the window sills. They should be dry cleaned every 2 months at least. You may Google if you wish to know the best curtain cleaners near me.

Lint Brush

Using a lint brush is a good method that can be frequently done and is useful for curtains which are crafted from heavy velvet and is hard to take down. Rubbing gently with a lint brush stops lint from pilling over the curtains.

Odor Removal

Odor removal is another technique to stop the slow ruining of drapes. Fabric freshener is a great way to keep the pet owners or smokers away and leaves the pleasant smell afterward. Even the kitchen curtains soak up cooking odors and become greasy with time. Always test a little patch with water to see the cloth reaction as some delicate fabric may shed their color. Curtains made up of cotton and linen could be machine washed but the silk curtains should be sent to dry cleaners. Do you consider the dry cleaner near my location? The Euro Spin has its presence in all main cities giving splendid services including carpet cleaning services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane


Ironing is needed after washing them to make them look fresh and tucks looking crisp. To stop them from ruining always turn the curtains inside out, carefully ironing the curtains on low setting always keeps them away from damaging. You may be needed to starch them if directed by the wash care instructions. The embellishments need to look after to avoid puckering of fabric.

Dry cleaning

Even though the window coverings are composed of a washable fabric, the linings, as well as seams, could shrink in the wash. Don't think much and choose a dry cleaner near my location if you are in a dilemma. The professional dry-cleaners will look after stitched-in pleats and other sophisticated ornamentation that may not tolerate a washing.

These useful tips work wonder and assist you to maintain your curtains for a very long time and definitely avoid ruining them.

Make sure to take out hooks and any excess weights, and loosen up the tapes so they lie flat.

Just before doing the curtain cleaning, dust them by running them in a dryer set to the no-heat cycle.

Never ever overload the washing machine, and keep in mind that curtains will become a lot heavier when wet.

Consider to dry curtains over 2 parallel lines so wet surfaces don't touch.

Never let the curtains rest on wood, which might stain them.


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