Pros and cons of wool carpets

Wool is a very versatile flooring option, it can withstand a lot of pressure, has excellent appearance retention propertied and a beautiful aesthetic! They can be very hard wearing and long lasting when cared for properly. But, you need to be able to put the time in to look after them and clean them to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible. This style of carpet St Helens goes hand in hand with luxury and has always been extremely popular with not only home owners but in the hospitality industry as well. So how can you decide if wool carpets are the one for your home?


Well first you need to choose which style of wool carpet you’d like, 100% wool or 80/20 wool blend mix.  100% wool carpets/natural wool carpets are exactly that, 100% wool. The wool is usually from UK or New Zealand wool. Although you can get some wool carpets made using the wool from animals such as camels, alpacas and llamas! The 80/20 wool blend tends to be blended with other man made fibres. This is done in order to either add some flexibilty to the over all carpet, allow dying and colouring or increase durability.

Wool carpet pros –

  • Durability and strength. Wool has an amazing natural strength and durability, The fibre itself has a robustness and crimp that allows it to bounce back. This means the compression, tracking marks and shading have been significantly reduced.  That’s why wool carpets last for years and years on end.
  • Resistance to dirt. As wool is a natural fibre, it contains oils which makes it resistance to dirt and other oil based soiling. All wool carpets need to stay clean is a good hoovering!
  • Fire resistant. Wool is naturally very fire resistance which means it’s a good style of flooring to have in commercial properties!

Wool carpet cons –

  • Stains easily. Although it’s resistant to oil based dirt, wool carpets can actually stain very easily with liquids. So for spills such as coffee or wine, you’re going to struggle to remove it completely.
  • Sensitive to sunlight. If exposed to sunlight over a long period, it can cause the colours to fade and even ruin the look of the entire carpet.

Carpet St Helens

Overall, we think that wool carpets are very well suited to a huge number of properties, both commercial and domestic. But if you’re still unsure what would work for you, why not come down and speak to one of our team today?



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