How to Decorate Your Chest of Drawers like a Pro?

In every house, dressers take an important role in storing household items. Depending on their placement in different areas such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, overhead storage space, attic, and foyer, drawers tend to be one of the largest pieces of furniture lying around. The top of your chest of drawers would often be cluttered with combs, books, plates, and glasses in your bedroom. Indeed, everyone is not an interior design genius, but a few pointers on careful decoration will leave your drawer decorated like a pro.

Upkeep your drawer

It is a good practice to clean your wooden chest of drawers once every week. Though this activity is at times procrastinated, take time to clean the chest of drawers with a damp cloth to clean the dirt and fungus. Do not let the top surface of your wooden chest of drawers be cluttered with unwanted items.

Make your drawer the central attraction in the room

An efficient interior design treats the largest piece of furniture in a room as its central attraction. Your chest of drawers can be placed below something that is at least 0.5 times the width of your drawer’s top surface. Design elements such as mirrors, paintings, and stuffed work are worthy additions for this cause. If one lacks these in their house, they can place the drawer below the windows.

Place a tall item besides the drawer

As expert interior designers point out, it shows one’s design mettle and decorative proficiency when a tall design element is placed side by side to the drawer. A second table lamp can go well with the design here. Apart from the conventional idea of placing a table lamp, there are many other ideas for placing beside your chest of drawers such as

    • Money Plant

    • Vertical painting

    • Murals

    • Decorative wreaths

    • Decorated Christmas trees

    • Candle stands

    • Flower vases

    • Designer coat hanger

Seasonal decorations such as Christmas trees add a spirit of the festive season to the room when they stand beside drawer tables.

Keep a designer tray on the drawer

After following the aforementioned guidelines, one can think of keeping a designer tray on the top surface of your chest of wooden drawers. This provides a utilitarian aspect as well. You can use these trays to keep bangles, jewels, perfumes, beads, needles, small yarns, small makeup sets, combs, bottles of nail polish, and hairband. Instead of using common plastic trays, one can decorate the tray with embroidery work, painting, or something artsy. A designer tray, in addition to being an item for decoration, is also a useful item.

Design your drawers like a photo frame

This is a modern approach to making your drawers speak a thousand words. Lifelike photos can be printed on the drawer surfaces against a dark and contrasting backdrop.  For an example, a candid photo from your vacation with family can be printed on your chest of wooden drawers to reminisce daily. Other ideas for photo frames include

    • Design with beads

    • Wallpaper designs on the drawers

    • Wooden busts in animal shapes

    • Leather covering

    • Fur and woolen covering


Once you have adhered to all the aforementioned guidelines, take a moment to check the placement. You can adjust these elements as you deem fit. Refrain from following a steadfast rule. Instead, you can design in a contemporary style and love your drawers. There are several online market places in India to buy chest of drawers online. They provide custom decorated drawers to suit your living room or bedroom. Wooden chest of drawers are available in different price ranges according to your convenience.


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