A simple guide on how to choose the perfect mattress

We live in a time where there are plenty of factors that make us lose oud sleep. Whether it is stress or other any other problem. The only thing that ensures that you never lose your sleep is the right kind of mattress. But the main question is how to choose a mattress when there are so many options available to choose from?

For the people who are struggling to find a mattress, we have created a list of points that will help you find your dream mattress.

Age of your mattress?

If the mattress is more than 8 years old, then it is time to find a new mattress. However, this rule does not apply to all types of mattresses. But, if you are not getting enough sleep, feeling restless or waking up in the night due to pain, then it is time to start looking for a new mattress for your bed.

What type of mattress do you need?

There are five different types of mattresses available. Choosing a type of mattress depends on personal preference. Here, we broke down the most commonly used mattress and for whom they are made.

1. Memory Foam: This type of mattress is known for providing pressure relief, body contouring, and great support. They are suitable for hot sleepers as they are designed with cooling properties, which provides a comfortable sleeping experience.

2. Latex: Made from latex foam, this mattress is known for its bounce, responsiveness, cooling, and comfort. This mattress is suitable for people who want great bounce but to want to stay away from contour provided by a memory foam mattress.

3. Pillow Top: A pillow top mattress is known for providing extra comfort and cushion to the sleeper. This type of mattress has a layer that is filled with soft materials in its covers.

4. Spring mattress: It is commonly known as coil mattresses. It has multiple layers of spring coils that provide comfort and support to the body of the sleeper. It is suitable for people who want a more traditional way of spring, bounce, feel and edge support.

5. Hybrids: It is made with a combination of different types of mattresses to maximize bounce, cooling, comfort and it also provides great pressure relief. This the best suited for the majority of people.

What is your budget?

The budget dictates every shopping decision. A good quality mattress is not cheap, so it is important to set your budget beforehand before you start looking for a mattress. This will help you in narrowing down the list of the products, which makes it easy for you to choose a mattress that comes under your budget.

What firmness do you need?

The firmness of mattress means, how soft or hard a mattress feels. This depends on a lot of factors like body type, size, weight and more. People usually confuse support with mattress firmness. A mattress that keeps your spine align without creating any pressure point is called mattress support. If the mattress fails to provide support to your body, you will most likely wake up with a sore or pain in the back.

What position do you sleep in?

Some people love to sleep on their back, while some sleeps on their side. Many people sleeps on their stomach as well. Each sleeping position has its own needs and requires an ideal firmness level.


Side sleepers constantly change sleeping position and leg movement. Because of this constant change, side sleepers need a mattress that provides soft to medium firmness. This type of mattress relieves pressure points on your back and neck.

They also require a mattress that is soft enough to contour according to the curves of their body. A hard mattress won't contour to the shape, resulting in a lack of support that could result in pain in the neck, lower back, and shoulder.


Back sleepers need both firmness and support. A soft mattress creates pressure points by not providing enough push back. Additionally, if the mattress fails to provide enough support to the sleeper, then their spine alignment will be off, which could cause back pain.


Stomach sleepers require a mattress that can provide adequate support to the body. The torso applies most pressure on the mattress and for this reason, they need a mattress that can provide an equal amount of support to their body. Its middle part of the body sinks to deep, it will create a curve in the spine, causing a lot of back pain. Stomach sleepers need to be as flat as possible. So, for this reason, they require a mattress that has hard firmness.

Choosing the right mattress if you want to enjoy a peaceful and painless sleep. So, make sure you do thorough research before you purchase mattress in the UAE.


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