Plumbing Considerations For A New Bathroom Design

Building a new bathroom requires putting in some thought to avoid the project becoming a costly mistake. Neglecting or ignoring plumbing encourages short and long term problems in the bathroom. The presence of issues makes the bathroom useless with expensive and time-consuming repairs.The ideal bathroom requires appropriate plumbing to support and sustain aesthetics and functionality. This requires paying attention to the following considerations.


When planning a new bathroom, it is very important to have a diagram of the home’s drainage system. Your contractor can get this from the local council. The drainage diagram shows the location of all plumbing and drainage network around your home. 

Ensure to get an updated diagram to ensure that there are no chances of hitting the water line accidentally during the course of your project. An updated diagram also allows the plumber wet walls appropriately in the bathroom to avoid rot and mildew.

Toilet tank

This is one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom and it needs careful consideration. A professional plumber can help you select the right tank for your home. The options include a wall-mounted tank with a recessed or hidden drain system. Ensure to have this planned in advance to lessen the chances of your drain system from affecting the placement of other bathroom furnishings and fixtures.


The most important decision when building a bathroom is making a choice between hiding and exposing the plumbing fixtures. You have to contact for Lincoln plumbing service to help you make a choice considering your style. Modern or minimalist design has plumbing concealed. Alternatively, a vintage or industrial style bathroom has exposed pipes.

You need professional assistance to make this decision. This is very important since your choice determines the type of sink for your bathroom. Equally important is to understand the appropriate placement of external pipes. If you live in a part of Lincoln that receives extremely low temperatures, avoid leaving plumbing pipes exposed. It makes the water inside prone to freezing leading to pipe bursts.  


A bathroom needs storage for towels and other accessories. This makes cabinets necessary in the bathroom. The cabinet placement and your bathroom style vanity depend on the assembly and location of the drainage pipe. Recessed cabinets require avoiding that the vanity pipes don’t get installed in their preferred location. Giving thought to this eliminates the chances of considering a future remodel or renovation.

Drain size

The choice of drain size determines the chances of ending up with blocked drains. The tiny size is easily obstructed by scum, hair, or other debris. However, it is appropriate if you live alone. The best way to limit blocked drains is by installing a larger drain. This doesn’t require a higher initial layout while saving you a significant amount in the future. A larger drain is less likely to get blocked although it also needs regular cleaning to remove potential clogs.

Shower floor

When building a new bathroom, you need to install new tiles. Those in the bathroom are quite different from regular floor tiles. Bathroom tiles are specially made to feel rough to lessen the chances of slips and falls. A professional contractor will advise you on the right floor tiles. Installing bathroom tiles is usually at a right angle to the base drain. This encourages efficient and effective drainage.

Other fixtures

Bidets are a popular modern bathroom fixture today. When planning to have this fixture installed in your bathroom, there is a chance of the bidet bowl using extra water lines draining through the toilet. However, other models need separate lines.  You have to work this out with the contractor during the bathroom design phase for appropriate installation.

Future upgrades

You have to consider newer fixtures including toilets, showerheads, and taps when planning a new bathroom. Opting for updated plumbing fixtures is environmentally friendly while limiting energy consumption and water use. 

Your contractor should guide you on bathroom fixtures to match building standards. Experienced plumbers understand the quality bathroom fixtures from reliable brands to give you good value for money.

The plumber will help you choose fixtures with good warranties of about 5 to 10 years. Modern plumbing fixtures require higher initial outlay but save you a lot in the future repair and maintenance costs. Installing high-quality plumbing fixtures limits chances of replacing in the future when broke. Additionally, installing new designs now will take you many years before you think of upgrading them. This saves you a great deal of money in the long run.

Bottom line

A bathroom is the most used room in the home after the kitchen. This is where you go to ease yourself and guests are more likely to use it than you can imagine. Therefore, keeping it well maintained and in good condition is very important. A professional plumber is your best bet to get a bathroom that matches your needs. The plumber will help you choose high-quality fixtures that will last many years before you think of replacing them.


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