Renovate your Home Interior with Dazzling Artificial Flowers

Working on to renovate the home interiors can be quite a difficult task. There are so many things that we need to take care of while adding and removing things from the home interior. One cannot add too much stuff in the home interior as it makes the whole place look clumsy and mismatched.

On the other hand, one cannot just leave the home space looking idle. Therefore, to maintain the subtleness and the elegance of the home interior one can add artificial flowers. They are one of the most gorgeous pieces which can be added in the home interior effortlessly. The beautiful colors and diverse look of plastic flowers does not let the space looking boring. The addition of the artificial flowers adds warmth and grace to the home interior.

There is a great variety of artificial flowers online as well as offline. One can easily choose the right kind of artificial flowers for their home decor. WoodenStreet offers great range of artificial flowers that are unique and beautiful in its looks. Here are some of them at very affordable prices:

1.Camelia Peach Flower Bunch

If you are looking for something very subtle to the eyes and the home décor then camellia peach flower bunch is the right choice. The peach color of the artificial flower bunch suits any home décor. They have the ability to up-lift the whole place. The material used in its making is polyester fabric and plastic which makes it look as if they are real. The dimensions of the flower are 25L X 25W X 48H. WoodenStreet offers this artificial flower bunch at a very nominal price which is at Rs.599. Also, this is a 40% discounted price.

2.Purple Chrysanthus Flower Bunch

The purple color artificial flowers for decoration are very much in trend. They easily go blend with the home interior and makes it appear more interesting, beautiful and bright. The flower bunch is a set of four which makes it look fuller and vibrant. The material used in its making is polyester fabric and plastic stem. The dimensions of the flower bunch are 17L X 17W X 30H. WoodenStreet offers its delivery within the time span of 5-7weeks. The price of this artificial flower design is Rs.660 after 40% discount.

3.Rosy Canna Flower Bunch

Adding color into your home décor brightens up the mood of very person. The rose canna flower bunch is one of the best artificial flower design. The subtle yet vibrant rosy color of the flowers never makes any moment dull. It comes in a set of 5 at WoodenStreet. The dimensions of the flower bunch are 12L X 12W X 31H. The stem of the flower is made up of plastic and the flower fabric is of polyester. The time span in its delivery is 5-7weeks. WoodenStreet offers this flower bunch at the price of Rs.649 which is very affordable.

4.Red and White Flower Bunch

The red and the white flower bunch is the right combination of flowers which can uplift the whole home décor and can help in its renovation. The flowers are subtle in its looks but at the same time brightens up the whole place. The dimensions of this flower bunch are 12L X 12W X 31H. The fabric of the artificial flowers is polyester and the stem is of plastic material. It is available at WoodenStreet at the price of Rs.649 after 40% discount.

 Conclusion: Adding artificial flowers while renovating your home décor is the perfect decision one can make. They never go out of style and are very affordable. One can get extra 20% discount on artificial flowers at WoodenStreet.


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