7 Unimaginable Ways To Put Your Artificial Grass for Indoor Use

The short and trimmed leaves of the artificial grass can enhance the look of the indoors in just a few minutes. This particular artificial accessory has always been used for decorating the back lawn or laying a new garden in front of the house or for other outdoor uses. Hence, no one gave a heed to the fact that the artificial turfs can also be used in the indoors in various ways.

Well, incorporating the look of nature within the four walls of your home is certainly a wise act but for that, you need to know the ways to use the green accessories like the artificial green grass. So, here we have described the top eight ways in which you can use the grass sheets from Wooden Street in your home and not just in the outdoors for creating artificial gardens.

Artificial Grass Turfs Can Be Used As Dish Dryers

You often run around your kitchen in search of a proper dish cloth so that you can dry the cutleries after washing them. It’s finally the time to put an end to this and use something new and more flexible for keeping your dishes for drying. Place a section of the fake grass right beside the washbasin and after washing the dishes, keep them on the grass mat. They actually act as a fine dish dryer, thus reducing your workload a lot.

Place The Grass Sheets As Table Mats On The Dining Tables

Instead of looking for separate clothes as table mats and then searching ways to add a touch of nature on the table, you can buy artificial grass from Wooden Street to solve both these problems. There are two ways of using the grass turfs on your dining tabletop:

1.Covering the entire tabletop using the grass sheet

2.Cutting the grass sheet in square or rectangular shapes and placing them as per the number of seats on the tabletop

You Can Replace Your Old Rug With The Artificial Grass Sheet

If you have a spacious living space with glass doors, using the artificial green grass as a rug can elevate the look of the interiors in unimaginable manner. Make sure to couple the green grass rug with glass or wooden furniture having a natural finish to give the arrangement an eco-green look.

A Green Grass Welcome Mat Is Best For Shoes

You always need proper mats to keep your shoes and nothing could be as good as the artificial grass for the same. Simple take your old welcome mat and cut the grass turf in a shape similar to the mat. Place glue on the mat’s surface and then slowly place the turf sheet on the mat.

Fit In The Artificial Grass Inside The Serving Wooden Trays

If you have wooden serving trays, you can enhance the look of the same by pasting the green grass turf inside the trays. Measure the surface area and cut the same pieces from the sheet of the fake grass you will be buying from Wooden Street. Paste the sheets on the wooden surface using the wood or PVA glue.

It’s One Of The Best Devices To Create A Miniature Garden

If you are planning on creating a miniature garden for your home, the artificial green grass will be your perfect accessory for doing the same. Just make sure that you are cutting the grass sheets properly to make the bases for the garden.

Create A Wall Hanging Garden With A Grass Base

If you are fond of indoor wall gardens, use the fake grass from Wooden Street to make the backdrop and then place the pots on it. This way the entire look of the garden will have a real feel of nature and also, the grass sheets will enhance the indoors greatly.


There are many other ways to use the artificial grass in the indoors like as balcony rugs, center pieces, and in the aquariums. So, make sure you are adding a touch of greenery this season to your home with the grass sheet from Wooden Street.


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