6 Majestic Chest Of Drawers to Look For in 2020

Many times, you usually look for furniture pieces which will help you to get rid of clutters in your home. For an example, you buy a separate bookshelf to arrange the magazines and reading books. Sometimes, you buy crockery units to make sure that your precious cutleries are kept somewhere safe for display. Similarly, many people are there who buy the chest of drawers to ensure that they can store many things, starting from the unused ones for the frequently using of knick knacks.

This particular furniture style usually has multiple drawers of different shapes conglomerated together in a single unit. WoodenStreet has introduced a twist in this usual structure by ensuring that you get a little more than just a collection of drawers. Each of their wooden chest of drawer is full of aesthetic values which will help you to cast a serene look in your home.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at the top six chest of drawers designs that you can buy from Wooden Street.

Lynton Chest of Drawer

If you wish to buy chest of drawers online having a twisted design, nothing would be as good as the Lynton chest of drawers, all thanks to its contemporary architecture and enhanced functionality. Apart from having drawers as it’s main component, the furniture also has three open cubbies where you can keep many things out for the display. In fact, the tabletop of the chest of drawers can be decked up using photo frames, show pieces and even small potted plants.

Rochel Chest Of Drawer

For a cleaner but intricate wooden chest of drawers design, the Rochel chest of drawers will certainly suit your purpose. The entire architecture is the epitome of simplicity and hence, having this particular furniture in your home will elevate the interior look by great heights. As for the design is concerned, the furniture has four drawers- two are on the top left corner and two are in the below right corner. The other two corners are designed in the form of open cubbies.

Howler Chest of Drawers

Even though the name of this furniture suggests that it is a wooden chest of drawers, the architecture has got a twist in the form of a combination of drawers and cabinets. The wooden surface of the cabinet doors has intricate designs which heighten the beauty of the entire furniture to an incomprehensible level.

Martin Chest of Drawers

For people wanting to buy chest of drawers with a traditional architecture, the Martin chest of drawers will solve your problem and grant your wish. The entire architecture of the furniture is designed in a way where you can match it with your intricately designed sofa sets or bed furniture. The wooden carvings done on the doors of the three cabinet shelves are majestic, something you won’t see too often.

Colley Chest of Drawers

The Colley chest of drawers is a frameless furniture and hence it’s beauty is impeccable and not in comparison to anything else. The entire structure stands on a box like tray which gives the furniture an extra level of beauty. In this wooden chest of drawers, you will have five drawers in all- two drawers in the uppermost row while the rest three drawers are there in the three subsequent rows.

Eden Chest Of Drawers

The structure of this chest of drawers is very simple, but what makes it one of the majestic furniture units is the wooden works done on the drawer surfaces throughout the furniture. Five drawers are there in all which will help you to keep all your things in a sorted manner, starting from small knick knacks to bigger objects like unused photo frames, documents, tablemats, empty flower vases and so on.


With the six marvelous looking wooden chest of drawers designs now out in front of you, your main job will be to buy the best one of them and place it in the most amicable location in your home.


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