Top 5 Settees for a Stunning Living Room

Settees are quite the modern-day furniture that has come up even stronger as a result of the dwindling space in apartments. The idea of including settees in homes comes from that unused space which is too small for a sofa, yet just too big for a chair. In these unique crevices in your homes, settees make for an extraordinary seating area while maintaining a charming presence.

Most of the settees feature a very unique design that goes with most decors. It can make any place look elegant or trendy with just its presence. Settees are becoming quite a popular piece of furniture. With Wooden Street being so easily accessible, settee online in India is very easy to look for and purchase for your home or office.

    • Reyes Bench with Backrest

A very quaint design for a settee online, the Reyes Bench with Backrest is an appreciable unit for modern living rooms. It is made from lightweight mango. Though quite light, the wood is pretty strong and exceptionally durable. The warm gray fabric cushioned seating area easily complements the impressive teak finish and shines out in a modern house. This settee is surely going to be a zone of awe when the visitors come into your house.

    • Christie Bench with Upholstery

What's better than using a settee to fill up the blank space? It is most obviously a settee with storage space. Yes, you heard that right! The Christie Bench comes with its storage area wherein you can stack away a lot of those unused things. The settee is upholstered which is a bonus. If you place this settee in the living room it will look grand and comfortable. The Sheesham wood frame is known to last long and the elegant teak finish will do the showing off for itself!

    • Marine Bench with Upholstery

Marine Bench is the stylish settee online for modern homes. This is a chic settee and is designed to bring about a feeling of quirkiness into modern homes. This exclusive bench comes paired with upholstery- thus it not only looks good but also has a high feel-good factor attached to it. This settee for the living room can also be placed in the study area, bedroom or even just at the entryway. Its design is versatile and yet unique, and hence is sure to grab much attention!

    • Aroma Bench

The Aroma Bench is available with the Wooden Street. It has a one-of-a-kind appearance. The white-colored wooden frame coupled with the salmon pink fabric is a unique sight and it is sure to make a place look quite sophisticated. If you think of a settee in the living room, beside the window in a corner, the Aroma Bench is the kind of design you think of. Its light texture will brighten up any room.

    • Demetra Upholstered Settee

A settee with a traditional feel, the Demetra is designed to be versatile and adaptable to any décor. Wooden Street has made use of supreme quality logs of sheesham, passed through a turnery machine to pristine perfection for the exquisite legs. The well-polished settee furniture coupled with the dark fabric is an impressive sight and speaks out a classy, comfortable retreat. The design is meticulous and strong and is sure to garner some awes and oohs!

Settees, though a modern addition in homes, is an age-old piece of furniture. If you look through Wooden Street you will come across many settees online in India, and all of them are just a click away. Wooden Street even gives the facility of custom making these settees for your homes making it an even more accessible product.


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