5 Oh So Comfortable Mattresses For A Good Sleep

The quality of your mattress determines the quality of your sleep. A lot of rides upon the quality of your mattress as it is also one of the places you spend most of your time in. A hectic day after work deserves a peaceful and relaxing sleep and that depends on the quality of the bed we sleep in. You must experience bad quality sagging sofas that are not great on comfort.

Hence, it is crucial to pick out the best quality that ensures a good night's sleep and extreme comfort. Also, make sure you consider the benefits of the same so that it supports your body and back in a proper position. Select from the widest range of mattress at Wooden Street. Let's have a look at 5 of the best ones for your home.

1. Penguin Ortho Memory Mattress (8 inches, Queen Size, 72×60)

The Penguin Mattress is beautifully designed to support your body and keep your body posture aligned at 33 key points. This high-quality foam mattress will support every kind of sleeper from stomach sleepers, back sleepers to side sleepers. It adapts your body type and gives you a comfortable night's sleep. The mattress provides equal pressure that enables you to sleep peacefully. If you would like to see more of these amazing mattresses online, visit the Wooden Street website.

2. Penguin Ultra Comfort Mattress (5 inches, Queen Size, 78×60)

The Penguin Mattress has an amazing three-layer built. The first layer comprises the breathable cotton layer which has an open structure. This ensures breathability. The cover is made of 100% organic cotton which is beneficial in keeping allergies at bay. The second layer is the soft foam layer which is made of high-quality foam. The layer helps your body support well and ensures maximum comfort for a great night's sleep. The third layer is the high resilience foam that supports the structure and elevates the weight of the mattress.

3. Penguin Ultra Comfort Mattress (5 inches, Single, 78×36)

This Penguin mattress is a single bed type that provides extreme comfort and convenience to every body type. They are great for back sleepers, side sleepers or even stomach sleepers. You can buy a mattress online at the Wooden Street website. They offer great deals and amazing discounts that are hard to let go of. Get in touch with the Wooden Street team for exciting choices and varieties.

4. Penguin Ortho Memory Mattress (5 inches, King Size, 72×72)

The Penguin mattress is in the king's size which is perfect for every bedroom. At Wooden Street, you can choose your choice of the size that starts from King size, Queen size and Single ones too. Additionally, you can select your dimensions too. The dimensions for this one are 72×72. It comes with five layers that provide you with a peaceful and amazing sleep at night. It supports your body's key points and is the best kind of mattress that you should invest in.

5. Penguin Ultra Comfort Mattress (4 inches, Queen Size, 75×60)

This model of the Penguin Mattress is one of the best sellers. The size of the mattress online is 4 inches while it is in the Queen size of 75×60. The mattress provides you a relaxed sleep and supports your body in an aligned manner. It has three amazing layers of goodness that make it durable, reliable and strong enough for everyone to sleep on it. If you have issues falling asleep, try using it once and notice the difference.

Mattresses form an important part of our sleep cycle hence it should be picked considering the size and dimensions too. Make sure you have the correct measurements of the bed to pick out the best one for your home.


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