Do you Know When To Change Your Mattress?

Sleep is one of the essential things needed to maintain optimum energy levels in the body as well as to ensure overall wellbeing and proper functioning of the body. This is where choosing the correct mattress forms a prerequisite to ensure that one gets the desired sleep levels. With so much variety and options available in the market, this buying guide will facilitate the process of selecting the best mattress to suit your individual requirements and demands.

We hope this guide will help you better in understanding how the wrong choice of mattress can cause you to get rid of uncomfortable nights or distressed sleep levels due to a mattress.

Ready? Let’s dive in mattresses and get the best quality bed mattress

Old Mattress

Are you still sleeping on your childhood mattress or the hands down mattress from an elder sibling? Thereby, not actually paying sufficient attention as to how old that mattress could be or if it is suiting your body’s individual needs. In this case, it’s time to change your own mattress as well as of your sibling. You can easily find the best mattress for kids, there are a variety of options available in the market.

Even the best quality mattresses have a shelf life of not more than 8 to 10, therefore, it becomes crucial for one to indulge in periodical replacement.

Deformed mattress

Long term usage of mattress will lead to the formations of dents and body impressions which in turn destabilizes the symmetrical structure, thickness and firmness of the mattress and leads to unevenness. A change in body’s weight can also significantly affect the tone of the mattress, therefore, all these are red flags indicate maybe it's time to replace your current mattress.

Regular Restless nights 

If you are somebody who indulges in frequent tossing and turning in the bed and having difficulty in maintaining a shut eye and sound sleep without breaks for 5 hours. This might indicate a medical health condition for which proper consultation should be taken from a medical practitioner. However, the underlying reason causing the irregular sleep could be your mattress then it might be a high time to consider a replacement.


If you are waking up everyday with feelings of stiffness and rigidity in your body as well as overall tiredness, then your mattress might be the culprit behind all. It might not be providing inadequate pressure to your body weight or support to your spine alignment which can lead to acute back ache and unrefreshed feelings on waking up. There are various mattresses for back pain and one of them is orthopedic mattresses. The best part is, it’s doctor recommended mattress.

We hope that the above mentioned points enable you to increase your knowledge, sharpen your understanding and thereby recognise when it's time to say goodbye to your old mattress.


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