Types of car security systems

Apart from being a means of mobilization, your car is one of the most valued possessions. But do you know there could be ample chances of losing your car in just one blink without even knowing about it? There might be many robbers roaming around in the neighborhood and waiting for the ideal moment for stealing your vehicle. 

Hence, it is evident that you need to protect your car and ensure the safety of your priceless possession. The most common way to ensure the safety of your car is by opting for a sound security system. For improved security, hire services from a trusted car locksmith in Tulsa.

Nowadays, many organizations offer plenty of security measures such as car alarms and high profile, modern security for the vehicles. You are sure to be spoilt for a choice and feel confused as the market is full of different security systems. Hence, choosing the right option for your car can be a daunting task without having a sound knowledge about them. 

This article talks about the different types of car security systems, and they are as follows: 

1. Types of Security Systems for your Car:  A car security system can be classified in several ways. Some security systems will not allow the thieves to break into the car, while others will stop the thieves from taking control of your vehicle even if they are successful in breaking into your car. 

Below mentioned are some of the different types of security systems used for the car.

Active and Passive Car Alarm System: The most common form of the security system are the alarms for your car. Be it an active car alarm or a passive car alarm; the system is classified based on how it is set and used. Have you ever seen people stepping out of their car and pointing the key towards the vehicle and pushing some buttons on the key fob, causing a beep sound in your car? I am sure you have! 

These are called active alarm systems, and for these systems to work, you must manually arm or disarm by pressing a button on the key fob. You should be very careful while getting down your car, because if you forget to push the button that makes a beep sound, then you can be at risk of strangers breaking into your vehicle without having any knowledge of the incident. On the other hand, unlike the active alarms, passive alarms turn on automatically as soon as the engine is turned off and the key is turned out from the ignition.

 Loud and Silent Alarms for your CarThe silent and loud alarms are as crucial as active and passive alarms. They are very popular and very basic too. Have you ever heard a siren upon touching a car accidentally? I am sure you have! Well, the alarms that are turned on as soon as the car is touched, is known as a loud car alarm. 

A loud audible siren goes off if someone tries to break into or steal your vehicle. The siren is so loud that it can be heard from a faraway place as well as people around the car can also help save your car from the clutches of the robbers. The loud alarms are generally paired with active signals.

Silent alarms are just the opposite of the loud alarms as they work silently without making any noise. If somebody wants to break through or steal your car, a signal is sent immediately to the owner through a device. This device can be either be an electronic device given by the car company or can be your phone with an installed application in it. The silent alarms are disadvantageous than the loud alarms because as they don’t make any noise, people in the close vicinity are not able to notice if somebody tries to break into the car. Make the most of the services from a trusted car locksmith in Tulsa. 

GPS Tracking Systems An advanced form of the car tracking system is the GPS tracking system. This system uses radio tracking to track and hunt stolen cars and vehicles and recover them. In places where GPS fails, this advanced technology is used for tracking stolen cars. 

Immobilization Devices: These security systems work the best when a thief manages to break into your car successfully. He will hotwire the vehicle in the absence of the keys. At this time, the immobilization device comes in handy as it prevents the engine from starting, thus making the vehicle immobilized. Some examples are kill switches, cut-offs, and spark or fuel disablers. 

The above mentioned are some of the widely used and essential security systems for cars. Different types of customized solutions are offered by car companies to cope up with the increasing rates of car stealing incidents. Based on your budget and requirements, opt for the car security system that will protect your vehicle from being stolen or getting damaged. 


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