Check out these Coffee Tables to Give Your Living Room A Glamorous Outlook

For a flawless looking living room, a coffee table along with comfortable and cozy couches is must, right? 

And also, no one ever wants to compromise when it comes to looking for the apt furniture pieces and setting up their beautiful home. Though it is a little hard for those who work all day long and follow a busy schedule but guess what?

Woodenstreet is here with some of its awesome tea table designs that totally add to the glory of your living room and make it look even amazing. 

The best thing is that you can book with us online and our representatives will come to your home to deliver the piece and also install it for you. This means that you get all of the center table designs on your finger tips and also do not need to go out to buy it and then spend time on installing it. Isn’t this so cool?

So, are you ready to find out what all Woodenstreet has in its store for you?

Here we go!

  • Lynet Coffee Table: No words in the world are enough to define the charm that this piece carries. Indeed this subtle and traditional looking coffee table online is one of our top sellers for millions of features that it owns. Crafted with the premium quality of Sheesham wood and then covered with a glossy finish, this centre table is enough to define your interiors. It also has sections on the sides of it which can be used to store magazines and other items to add an element of fun in your living room.  

  • Vesta Coffee Table: Finding furniture pieces that offer storage space is always a great deal for people living in metro cities or in compact homes. If you too belong to any of these categories, Vesta is the perfect option for you. Because it is also a perfect blend of style and storage you can ever find to doll up your living area. This solid wood coffee table has three shelves at one side and it is further divided with a panel below the table.

  • Petlin Coffee Table: Anything that you would have ever asked for your wooden center table to have, you will find that in Petlin. Just like Lynet, this is also one of our top sellers for the style and comfort that it brings to your home. Not just the table, you also get four stools in this set which can be pushed inside the table when you are not using them. So in case you receive a few more guests unannounced, you will never run out of space with Petlin.

  • Discus Coffee Table: For all you lovers of fancy and modern items, here is what you need. Discus is a purely contemporary design that has a glass like structure at the base with a bowl like shape over it that is further equipped with a marble table top. It is made up of metal and has a golden metallic finish that gives it a very elegant and classy look.

  • Sino Coffee Table: Just like Discus, this is another metallic piece. But this one in particular is inspired by the ancient era. So if you are into collecting unique and different pieces, Sino is for you. It has a drum like structure with an increased table-top and has a rustic silver finish.  

Loved these designs?

Well, chat with us through the Woodenstreet website and we will love to fulfill your requirements.

Good luck!

Here’s What Rajeev Saraswat – Our Customer from Bangalore has to Say About Us:

Just can’t stop looking at this beautiful coffee table every time we enter the room. This unit has delivered much more than my expectations, and stools are so comfortable. Highly Recommended!


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