Why do you need heavy duty boxes for moving house?

Moving home is a difficult task, and choosing the right packaging materials for the job is a challenge too. You are going to need a variety of different boxes, along with strong tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and other packaging materials too which will help you with the move. Packaging is designed to make your move safer and quicker, and boxes enable you to carry lots of things together instead of individually. Often packaging providers will tell you that it is best to buy heavy duty cardboard boxes for moving, so what is the reason for this advice?

  • Heavy duty boxes are stronger than normal boxes. They are often made with double walled, reinforced cardboard, which gives double the strength of a normal single walled boxes. You can even buy triple walled boxes in some cases, although this is unnecessary.
  • Stronger cardboard boxes for moving house can hold heavier weights inside of them, without breaking or splitting apart. This means that you are able to put any or all of your household items into them without worry. You can fit lots of possessions into each box, and they will be strong enough for the task, and you can put your heaviest of things into the box too. Things like a microwave oven or lots of books will be fine in a strong heavy duty box for example, but they would not be ok in a normal single walled box.
  • Stronger cardboard packing boxes will protect the things that you put into them from damage. If you fill a box with your most delicate items from your home, then you will know that the things you have put inside are completely safe from harm. Even the less delicate things can get damaged during a house move, especially if you have a long distance to travel, and so it is always safer to use strong cardboard packing boxes for moving house.
  • Stronger boxes can be stacked on top of one another in a removal lorry easily, and you can fit loads into each run. This way it will save you time, money and effort. You can fit three or four layers of boxes on top of one another, knowing that the boxes at the bottom of the pile will not crumble under the pressure put onto them. Only heavy duty boxes can stand that weight.
  • Heavy duty boxes are equally as cheap as normal boxes, and in fact there is very little difference in the price. The reason for this, is because stronger boxes are far more popular, and so the packaging companies often produce far more of them and are so are able to bring the price right down for the customer. So if you have the choice, it is an obvious one.
  • Large house moving boxes always need to be purchased heavy duty with double walls, and the reason for this is because single walled larger boxes have much weaker walls strength, because the wall surface area is too large and thin. It is paramount that you buy double walled larger boxes for moving.


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