Why Shutters Are Better Than Traditional Blinds

Usually when you move into a new apartment or home, there are blinds on the windows. These blinds are nothing special, just your typical metal blinds with a cord and turn rod. So why not make them something special. Polycore Shutters can do that for you, they are MUCH more durable, more cost-effective, better for your pets and toddlers, and are more unique. 

Polycore Shutters are much more durable, they are built out of hard plastic with an aluminum rod in the middle, giving them extra strength. You won't have to replace them as much as traditional metal blinds. 

They are more cost-effective. How? Well, since they are much thicker, they will trap cold or hot air near the window. Thus, saving you money on heating or air-conditioning. 

Traditional Blinds have long cords that are more annoying than effective. They can also be a choking hazard for young children. Pets often chew on them or break them so they can see out of the window. Polycore Shutters will not bend or break when a dog or cat pushes on them. Plus they offer a wider viewing option than metal blinds. 

With just these few reasons, why not upgrade to Shutters. You will defiantly stand out in your neighborhood. 


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Written by Dalton L.


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