Save Your Energy… Get New Windows

In the wake of another tax season, you may be feeling the need to look for ways to save money around the house (or in your business).

It should be no surprise that many of your neighbors are turning to a tried-and-true investment that's sure to pay a nice long-term return.

New windows!

From picture windows to sliding glass doors… from bay windows to skylights… new replacement windows do more than merely enhance the look (and value) of your property.

They save you money!

If the only reason you replace your windows is to make yourself and your family (or your employees and customers) more comfortable, year-round, that's a solid enough reason to feel great about the decision.

But when you consider that, long-term, those attractive new windows could actually pay for themselves in energy savings, your smart decision to go for quality replacement windows looks even smarter. A lot smarter.

Next month, next year, and several years from now, you'll notice the difference on your energy bills made by your wise decision to get beautiful new windows installed in your home or office.

Experts estimate that in a single year (2005), American homes and businesses saved enough energy by replacing their windows to avoid the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 23 million cars.

And that reduction in energy loss resulted in another attractive reduction: those new windows ended up saving Americans around $12 billion on their utility bills!

All this while making countless homes and buildings more beautiful, more comfortable, and… more valuable.

How To Make A Smart Choice Even Smarter In Colorado

It's true: replacing the windows in your home or business is a great long-term investment choice. But in Colorado, you can make a smart decision even smarter if you choose the right replacement windows.

And those are the locally-made vinyl windows produced by one of the world's finest manufacturers, Amerimax.

We have a catchy phrase here in the Rocky Mountain region: “ABC: Always Buy Colorado.”

Many of us try to stick to the ABC mantra, simply because it's better for our local economy to buy from our neighbors whenever we can.

But in the replacement window industry, here in Colorado we also think of ABC as having a double meaning. You want to choose Colorado-built replacement windows because they're better suited to withstand our local climate: Altitude, Bombardment of UV Rays, and Changing temperatures.

  • Altitude: our “elevated status” here in Colorado has many benefits, but our local altitude can spell disaster for windows made at sea level and shipped to us here. Windows made elsewhere can warp or even break when they make the trip up the hill. A smarter choice? ABC. Buy Colorado-made Amerimax windows. They're Colorado natives!
  • Bombardment of UV Rays: We're closer to the sun here in Colorado, and that means our windows are constantly assaulted by an extra dose of the harmful UV rays that can discolor or even damage them. Your Amerimax windows were designed and built to account for the bonus sunshine they'll receive here in Colorado.
  • Changing temperatures: If you've lived here for any time at all, you know the Colorado climate can change dramatically in a very short period of time. Get locally-made windows that're designed to handle the changes, and you won't have to worry about them when it's snowing-and-blowing one day and baking the next.

Take a new look at giving your property a great makeover. Beautiful replacement windows can make you feel like you're living in a new home… without having to move the sofa! But that's only part of the great benefits your windows will bring. When you add up the money you save by replacing those leaky, drafty old windows you've been living with, you'll wonder why you didn't make that investment years ago.

Author's Bio:

Jay Lillien is the owner of 303 Windows. For the past 18 years, 303 Windows has been dedicated to providing their customers the best service possible. As part of their commitment to their customers, 303 Windows installs only Amerimax Windows. These windows are built to withstand the extreme Colorado climate that causes most other windows to fail.


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Written by Jay Lillien

303 Windows also known as Centennial Home Improvements Inc. is a Denver Window company serving Denver Metro Area by installing Amerimax Vinyl Windows. We have an A+ rating and gold star award from Denver Better Business Bureau yearly. We use Amerimax Windows because we believe it is the only window specifically built for the climate of Colorado.


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