4 Best Practises for Keeping Your Perth Home Secure

Are you truly doing all you can to keep your home and family safe and secure? There are many things that we have no control over in life, and one of them is whether or not a burglar deems our home as a worthy target. Regardless of this however, there is nothing stopping you from making your home as hard to break into as possible, through implementing the right home security products and establishing all the right habits.

You should know that it takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter into a property.  On the other hand, when you ensure to go that extra mile in order to secure your home properly, you can buy yourself and your family members a lot more time. In fact, you may even succeed at discouraging burglars altogether, through showing the outside world that you value and prioritise the presence of home security.

If you’re hoping to increase your property’s defence level, then you should know that you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the best practises and products for keeping your Perth home safe:

Lock Up

One of the most important habits to develop as homeowners is the habit of locking up all your doors and windows before leaving the premises. Often times, burglars aren’t even breaking into homes using force. Instead, they find an unlocked door or window to sneak into quietly and subtly, without drawing too much attention to themselves. It’s extremely important for you to not only lock up prior to leaving your home, but also after you return back for the day. Don’t think that just because you’re at home, a burglar won’t take the opportunity to sneak in whilst you’re preoccupied with something else. A thief could easily swipe items whilst you’re taking a nap, sitting on your computer with headphones on, or even spending time outside in your backyard.

Invest in Custom Security Screens

Contacting a custom security screens supplier in Perth is a great way to provide one of the most vulnerable entry points into your home with durable protection. Through covering your windows with security screens, you can take the strength of your bare windows several notches higher, since security screens are designed to strict standards and manufactured using high-quality materials. Being made-to-measure, you will also be free to choose from a wide range of customisable aspects, including the style, size, colour and finish of your screens. In this way, you can always make sure that you’re ticking both boxes; security and aesthetic appeal. 

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Do you love going on vacations, or have to spend a lot of time away from home due to work? One of the best pointers we can give you is to avoid advertising your absence. Refrain from posting check-ins or pictures of your vacation until you’ve return home- and that’s especially if you have a large social network. In addition to this, it’s also a good idea to make friends with your neighbours and have them collect your mail whilst you’re away. Remember that built-up mail acts as an obvious sign that your household is away from home. Of course, it’s only fair to offer to do the same in return for your neighbours in future.

Install and Set Your Alarm

If you spend quite a lot of time away from home, another product that might be worth investing in is an alarm system. These days, alarm systems are available in all sorts of varieties. You can even invest in a smart system which will allow you to control your alarm system remotely via your mobile phone.

Alarm systems can almost be classed as an essentiality for homeowners. If a burglar manages to infiltrate into your home and set off the loud sirens, chances are they probably won’t be sticking around for long. Furthermore, the alarm would be loud enough to alert your whole neighbourhood, meaning that you would also be doing other people a favour by alerting them to the presence of a burglar in the area. If you’ve got good neighbours, they may even swing by themselves to check out the scene.


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Written by Cristina Payton

Cristina Payton is a security advocate and a regular contributor to home security and improvement blogs. She increases awareness about the importance of home and business security and strongly believes that style and function can work together.


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