Signs of Deterioration? Do This For Your Shower Floor

Bathroom is one of the most essential areas at home. This room is basically used by everyone in the house. That is why if there is a sign of leak from the shower or other functional tools in the room, it will harm and hamper most of our activities like taking a shower, brushing teeth, washing our face, etc. However, there are more problems that can potentially happen to your bathroom, not only the leaking shower but also the deterioration on the shower floor. 

This kind of trouble, where the floor deteriorates, mostly happens in the old buildings. As the building stands for a long time without any renovation or upgrades, the quality of the tiles and the walls may decrease

Here are some tips that you can follow:

Evaluate the damage. The first and the foremost thing to do is inspecting the damage. This is important, so you can know how severe it is and to determine the next steps that you have to do. Try to find the source of the deterioration. The obvious signs of floor deterioration that you may spot are grout, loose tile, and peeling caulk. If you encounter those signs, it means that you have found the problem source. 

Remove the tiles. Once you have found your damage, it is the right time to remove the damaged tiles. You can remove them with your own hands or use your putty knife. 

Clean the tiles. After you have removed all of the tiles, start to clean all the parts of the removed tiles carefully. Don't leave them unattended because it can bring harm to your feet, if you accidentally stepped on them. 

If you find it difficult to do it on your own, do it the easy way by calling the professionals in shower waterproofing to tackle the issue. 


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